What we're about

I started this group to bring people together to share knowledge, experience, and inspiration with other like minded people who are trying to or are actively "Taking Life By the Horns". In other words, I want to bring people together to share experiences about how others have made the conscious decision to STOP taking life as it comes and continuing to just "get by", often times unhappily, and to START making changes in their daily lives and their habits that enable them to begin controlling their own destiny! To recreate their lives in their own image and live the way they WANT to live, not the way they feel then have to.

Like it or not, I believe we are all where we are today because of the specific sequence of choices we've made throughout each of our lifetimes. Of course, everyone has faced different sets of obstacles and events that slow us down. But ultimately, each one of us gets to wake up in the morning and decide how we will use our time each and every day. We all have the same 24 hours!

Recently I took a leap of faith and left my day job to pursue building a business of my own. I know millions of others have taken this leap, and millions more who would like but just can't quite find the courage to do so. This is just one example of controlling your own destiny.

This group will be largely open conversation and discussion among the attendees. We will share experiences. Share successes, and more importantly, share failures and pitfalls to avoid when attempting to make drastic changes in our lives.

Call it a success support group, if you will. And success can look different for everyone!

Look forward to meeting you!

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