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Zorik’s 40th Birthday Adventure

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Since I am turning the “big 4-0” this year, I decided to take a few months off and do a major trip. My actual birthday is August 15th, but I will start my trip next month. My house has been paid off for almost a year, so I managed to save up enough money for a five-month trip, an epic journey taking in four continents. As an employee of US Airways, I have deep discounts on flights. I think this is a great way to celebrate my 40th!

Here is the cool part: I am opening up each leg of my trip to anyone from Take-a-Hike interested in joining me in any of these spectacular locations:

• Leg 1 – April 1 through April 15: Our first stop is the beautiful country of Columbia, where we hike through the jungle with our guides, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. On our last day before departing, we will tour the villa from which Pablo Escobar ran his cocaine trade.

• Leg 2 – April 16 through April 30: I loved Brazil so much in 2011 that I am going back to Rio! We’ll spend most of the time on the beach, drinking and watching the Brazilian women’s volleyball team train.

• Leg 3 – May 1 through May 15: We fly across the Atlantic all the way to Botswana, Africa, where we visit the beautiful Okavango Delta. We’ll swim with the hippos and witness the miracle of life, as the mothers give birth to their babies.

• Leg 4 – May 16 through May 31: Flying across Africa to Mogadishu, Somalia, we board a sailboat and sail across the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea. Don’t worry if we get lost, the Somalis will be more than happy to put us on their boat and give us a ride.

• Leg 5 – June 1 through June 15: We explore the rugged mountains along the border of Afghanistan and Iran. I can’t think of a more exciting place for Americans to hike!

• Leg 6 – June 16 through June 30: Heading north to nearby Kazakhstan, we will hike some more and watch the filming of Borat 3.

• Leg 7 – July 1 through July 15: We head further north to Russia and hop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad for some great scenery and vodka-drinking fun!

• Leg 8 – July 16 through July 31: Our journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad ends in Vladivostok, where we take another train line into North Korea. Forget Disney Land, you will see why North Korea is really the happiest place on earth!

• Leg 9 – August 1 through August 16: We’ll take a North Korean submarine across the Pacific, to the place where I will spend my special birthday: The Hawaiian Island of Loihi! You’ve probably never heard of that island, because it won’t break the surface for another 50,000 years. What can possibly be more exotic and elitist than travelling to a tourist destination before it is even on a map?

• Leg 10 – August 16 through August 31: Departing from Loihi, we take our North Korean submarine to our final destination: the beautiful beaches of Tijuana, Mexico. In the evenings, we’ll go out on the town and maybe even take in a donkey show. Return to Phoenix on August 31st.

Please RSVP if you are interested and include the Leg number. Also, please include any information that I need to know about when traveling with you, such as food allergies and drug habits.

Once I know who is going, I’ll coordinate a meeting place with each of you. I hope some of you are able to join me for this adventure of a lifetime!



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