Canceled Meetup

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Needs a location


Hi, everybody.

I had a couple of people back out of my Rim to Rim hike, so I have some room.

This is an extremely punishing hike and is not for beginners!

We leave Friday at about noon and return on Monday. That means if you join us, you need to play hooky Monday and half day Friday. If you can't play hooky, don't sign up.

We rent a van and a trailer and have some friends drive it. We pay all their expenses for shuttling our butts around Arizona. I have reserved campsites at both rims. The weekend is about 200 bucks with everything, give or take 50 bucks...

I do not make any profit from this trip, we just split expenses...

I will be taking a nonrefundable 100 dollar initial deposit, with the remaining 100 bucks 2 weeks prior to the trip. None of this will be refundable. If anyone flakes, it significantly increases the expenses for others, so that is the fairest way to do it.

If you are interested, you need to RSVP and give me your phone number so I can speak to you. I need to make sure that you can complete this trip without drama. I will be choosing the people who can join us and it will be a fairly arbitrary process. If I do not know you, you will be required to complete my Kachina Weatherford Loop hike the weekend of Sept. 28. If you can't do this, don't sign up.

If anyone has any questions, give me a call: 480-296-5166.

This will be a blast!