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Greetings Photographers! Please use your best email to sign up for this group or you will miss last minute announcements when there is a change in venue due to weather.

This Boston based photography meetup offers workshops and classes that help you take your photos from like to LOVE. If you are ready to learn how to take better photos, but you don't want to get bogged down with all the technical stuff, then you're going to love this group. WE are the most active photography meetup group in the Greater Boston Area with events nearly every weekend.

We are not just a fun social photo group, we are also serious about improving the quality of the photos by focusing on what matters most. How to use your camera, how to see more creatively, and how to use composition to make the most of every subject.

Join us to have fun while photographing the beauty of your life. You will meet some great people, discover new areas of Boston off the beaten path, and gain confidence in your photography skills. Beginners and intermediate photographers welcome. You can see more of my photography and instructor experience on my main website: https://www.curioussoulphotos.com

“ Outstanding for broadening your photographic vision and discovering your specific strengths. Teaches the ingredients of creativity in a clarifying and actionable way. ”

— Henry Gessau (https://www.meetup.com/TakeBetterPictures/members/12813018/) on Feb 18, 2018.

I’ve taken 8 photography workshops with Suzanne and learned a great deal at each one. Her planning is incredible. In addition to scouting the best places to photograph for the theme of the workshop, she provides such helpers as maps, example images and reminder cards outlining the key points. These cards allow us and encourage us to practice after the workshop is over. We are invited to post our images on the site and comment on each other’s work. She comments on each person’s endeavors as well. Her style of teaching involves getting to know each student (many of us are repeat students) and provide guidance as we shoot during the workshop. I feel I have really improved my skills due to her excellent teaching! (Did I mention how much fun we have?) Bonnie Greenberg on May 30 2018


This meetup group is for you if:

You own a camera and you'd really like to use it more, but you're not really sure where to start and what to do. Perhaps you are ready to take that camera off the auto setting so you have more creative options?

Maybe you've taken a photography workshop before or tried picking up one of those thick, boring books, but you quickly got overwhelmed and overloaded with the technical stuff. Or you have tried to learn online but found it difficult to apply what you learned out in the real world.

You'd like to learn how to take better pictures of things you find interesting. That could be nature, people, landscape, architecture, etc. Whatever you feel drawn to. We are a learning group and each class builds specific skills to improve your photography. You also receive constructive critique after class to help you get better and better. If you are a life long learner, curious about photography you have found the right group.

I personally lead each workshop so you receive clear, simple instructions to quickly build your skills and creative confidence. I have a masters degree in education, worked at Polaroid for 15 years, and 20 years of experience training people to see creatively. During each class you also receive handouts so you can practice the skills on your own. I am a master level instructor so know how to present content in a clear precise way that sticks with you.

You would like to explore related topics like creative photography and mindfulness? This unique approach encourages you to slow down, take fewer photos of higher quality by experiencing the beauty of your life.


Which is better A. or B.

And the best part? The techniques you'll learn will have an immediate impact on your photography. You'll see an instant improvement and you'll also have an opportunity to get positive and constructive feedback for your work in a supportive environment.

If that sounds good to you, then I invite you to join our group. You'll learn a lot, meet some warm and wonderful people, and have lots of fun while you improve your photography. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

All I ask is PLEASE INCLUDE A REAL PICTURE OF YOUR FACE for your profile description when you join us. I can't find you in a crowd when we meetup if you use a photo of your cat:)

You can learn more about my background and philosophy at https://www.curioussoulphotos.com

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/flow-tography-better-photos/id499049037?mt=11&uo=4 My book

Welcome to the group!

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Brimfield Antique Market Photo Field Trip

Comfort Inn and Suites


Time to go to Brimfield! Our exciting destination for this special field trip is the Brimfield Antique Market just 90 minutes from Boston, near Sturbridge Village. Brimfield provides a treasure trove of photo opportunities. You can choose to focus on the people, the place, or the things you see. It is like a giant visual feast of color, action and fun. Collect some of the most fascinating photos of your life during this one day photo fieldtrip. You just never know what you will see. Brimfield Antique Market is BIG. 20 fields, 6,000 dealers, 50,000 visitors. This can be overwhelming. That is why it is great to go with a guide like me. I will help you find your way and take some of the most curious, fascinating, and unexpected photos of your life. WE go mid week so there are not too many people. The photography skills you will develop during the day: How to use your camera better. Working with different settings for each assignment. • How to use composition to simplify the scene and create a dynamic image. • How to focus on the visual design elements of color, line, texture shape and color. • How to take your camera off the auto setting for clear, properly exposed photos. • How to create photo essay with a series of images that add up to tell a story. • All levels are welcome. You can shoot on auto or venture into the off auto world with some basic technical tips and guidance from me. • Why go with a professional guide? Because I make arrangements with the top dealers so we have special permission to photograph their space. We can even move things around! I know which dealers are photo friendly. • Because I reserve a parking spot for you. So don't worry when you see all those signs that say LOT FULL. • Because I have been going to Brimfield twice a year for 20 years! I know my way around and love to share best photo opportunities with you. Because I arrange special permission for us to shoot in the top dealer setups. One year I just focused on photographing vintage cameras. You could choose one subject and see how many samples you can find. There is a definite art to photographing the Brimfield Flea Market! I have been photographing Brimfield for over 20 years. I will be be sharing my secrets and taking a small group of you on a photo field trip to Brimfield located in Sturbridge MA. You can drive down same day, or go the night before and stay at an inn. If you choose this option book right away since the hotels fill up very fast. One of the many fascinating and friendly dealers you will meet. Take time to hear their story. When I asked this man if I could take his photo, he absolute as long as he could wear his hat. And of course that made the photo! Are you a lover of vintage flea markets and antiques? Are you a person who enjoys being surrounded by fascinating people in a festival like setting?Are you curious about how to take better photos of the unexpected moments of life? I make arrangements for parking and for specific dealers who welcome us into their tents. Not all dealers are photo friendly but I have developed relationships with the top dealers who will let you shoot. Some, only allow our group to shoot! "Under Suzanne's excellent tutelage, we were able to focus on the well thought out photo assignments she provided. Suzanne located the very best vendors for us to visit. " Lisa W. The subjects: textures, people, dogs, collectables, textiles, glass, sliver, artwork, and that is just one field! It is almost impossible for me to describe what you will see, because honestly, it is never the same twice. Spend the entire day at Brimfield with the fabulous small group with me as your photo guide. I will be providing photo tips, instructions and assignments all day. Some creative photo topics we will cover include composition, lighting, cutting out clutter, story telling, photographing people and pets and macro settings. I will share with you how to avoid the three biggest mistakes photographers make when shooting events and gatherings. You will also receive individual coaching during the day to help you with the specific type of photos you want to take. You never know what you will see. Have your camera ready at all times. And everyone is happy to strike a pose if you say please. Optional follow-up session supplement: A 3 hour follow up critique class after the trip is an OPTION many people enjoy. We look at your photos and see what you saw. This way you will learn from each other and enjoy seeing the best photos of the day together. I will offer simple editing tips during the session as we critique your photos to make them even better. I will provide the popcorn, you provide the "refreshments" and the photos. * you can book this session for an additional $65.00. We will choose a date as a group while at Brimfield. It is almost impossible to describe Brimfield. You will just have to come on the adventure and experience it for your self. I am counting the days and hope you will join us. RSVP now to save your space. If you want to go the night before, you should book a hotel room NOW since they fill right up. Call pooling is also possible once we know who is going. Let's go!!!! Suzanne P.S. If you have any questions just send me a message. I will be happy to reply so you will have all the info you need to make your decision.

Flow-tography Introduction: The Secret Power of Beauty From Experience to Image

Artist Studios Building at Boston Center for the Arts


The secret to creating great photos is not what you think, but what you feel. They come from being and seeing in different way. Over the past 25 years I have learned how to do this and I am now happy to share what I have discovered so you can do this too. During this introductory program the 8 Universal Archetypes of Beauty such as vitality, (lively energy) luminosity, (light and shadow) and simplicity (minimalist calm) will be revealed. You will discover an intuitive approach that helps you get clear about which universal type of Beauty makes you feel most alive and how to photograph this in your own way. In time this becomes your own unique visual voice. There will be a consistent quality to your images. This takes some time to emerge but why not start now to recognize your style of expression. Floating Leaf: Example above of the Archetype of Simplicity. Creates a feeling of calm and stillness. The Flow-tography method helps you take your photos from like to LOVE. You experience an immediate flash of recognition as your inner and outer life experience connect and you click the shutter. It all starts from an inner stance of stillness and results in an image that will be a joy forever. It has little to do with camera settings and everything to do with creative seeing and being. Suzanne Merritt Signature ProgramFlow-tography offers a way to see more deeply. Go beyond the obvious to the more subtle, intimate visual qualities of your life. It is not just about "getting the shot", it is about experiencing the moments of life that make us feel awake, alive and creative. All it requires is our full attention and slowing down to be still, from the inside out. You need to compose your self before you compose the shot. Then the most ordinary moments become magical. See more photos below. Charles River Abstract Photo By Suzanne Merritt Sample of Archetype of Beauty known as Sublimity the mysterious feeing and sense of wonder are evoked. Have you ever experienced a moment when time stood still, there was an intensity and clarity outside of ordinary experience? And in that moment did you see something that made you stop in your tracks, that took your breath away? And then were you amazed to realize it was just a blade of grass, or a leaf falling from a tree? You were in the zone, or what is know as the Flow State. Over the past 25 years I have develop some simple practices that will help you enter this state by choice rather than by chance and to create images that express the essence of this experience while you are in it. Sounds impossible? Join us to discover how easy it really is. It is all about being and seeing. In this introductory session I will cover the basics of this approach. Then we will PLAY with some of the practices for connecting to beauty in nature in the Flow. You will discover the 8 universal archetypes of beauty such as luminosity, simplicity and vitality that make you feel more alive and connected to life. Discover how to photography your personal favorite type of beauty using the visual elements of color, light and texture. I will introduce 3 Flow-tography techniques you can use right away. We will take photosso you can experiment with this contemplative method immediately and feel the difference between taking a snapshot, and creating a photograph. The images created through this process feel very different. They are like getting a glimpse of a secret world the exists around us all the time but only reveals its self to those who are paying attention. Some of the outcomes of this contemplative method: • Learn to be more present, centered and connected before you shoot • See more deeply and capture the beauty of nature with a fresh eye • Rediscover your creative self and your unique style of photography • The experience is like a mini retreat. You leave feeling relaxed and revitalized This workshop if for you if: • You want to create images that evoke a deeper feeling and connection. • You would enjoy slowing down and simply being present to the beauty of life. • You want to take your photos from like to LOVE. We will take a lunch break and do quite a bit of walking for this one. All levels welcome for this introductory program. You can see more about this method at www.curioussoulphotos.com (http://www.curioussoulphotos.com/) Award winning Flow-tography book by Suzanne Merritt available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/flow-tography-better-photos/id499049037?mt=11&uo=4

Special photo field trip: Clydesdale Horses Up Close and in Action

Greetings Photographers! The Spring visit has been now changed to the Fall visit. Sorry to postpone but it is the wise thing to do. There is always a wait list for this one so if you want to go, please don't hesitate. Book your spot today. See sample photos from previous shoots below. I limit the number who can attend so you all have plenty of access to the horses. We will meet at the farm at 11:30 and photograph the horses out in the fields. In the past the horses have been very friendly and if I didn't know better, I would say they pose for us. They seem to love the attention. Some stay at a distance and some come right up close. Either way, you can create some beautiful images that truly capture the spirit of these magnificent creatures. Then later they will be brought into the barns and you can really get up close as they run right past us on their way to their stalls. It is very exciting to see! All levels welcome for this shoot. A good zoom lens would be a plus. Topics we will work on will include: (handouts provided) using different meter modes how to capture action shots composition storytelling seeing and being present to what is there Special thank you to Deb Duncombe for finding this fantastic location and for helping to organize it again this year. Thanks to her building a relationship with the crew, the farm is welcoming us back with open arms so we will have a great shoot. And it is not just about the horses, the farm is beautiful with long white fences and structures to photograph. This is weather permitting. If we have rain, the date will be changed and you can either go on the new date, or get a refund. More details about what to bring and how to get there will be provided to those who RSVP. Hope you can join us! All photo field trips are in partnership with The Curious Soul Photo School https://www.instagram.com/curioussoulphotoschool/ www.curioussoulphotoschool.com Suzanne

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