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Greetings Photographers! Please use your best email to sign up for this group or you will miss last minute announcements when there is a change in venue due to weather.

This Boston based photography meetup offers workshops and classes that help you take your photos from like to LOVE. If you are ready to learn how to take better photos, but you don't want to get bogged down with all the technical stuff, then you're going to love this group. WE are the most active photography meetup group in the Greater Boston Area with events nearly every weekend.

We are not just a fun social photo group, we are also serious about improving the quality of the photos by focusing on what matters most. How to use your camera, how to see more creatively, and how to use composition to make the most of every subject.

Join us to have fun while photographing the beauty of your life. You will meet some great people, discover new areas of Boston off the beaten path, and gain confidence in your photography skills. Beginners and intermediate photographers welcome. You can see more of my photography and instructor experience on my main website: https://www.curioussoulphotos.com

“ Outstanding for broadening your photographic vision and discovering your specific strengths. Teaches the ingredients of creativity in a clarifying and actionable way. ”

— Henry Gessau (https://www.meetup.com/TakeBetterPictures/members/12813018/) on Feb 18, 2018.

I’ve taken 8 photography workshops with Suzanne and learned a great deal at each one. Her planning is incredible. In addition to scouting the best places to photograph for the theme of the workshop, she provides such helpers as maps, example images and reminder cards outlining the key points. These cards allow us and encourage us to practice after the workshop is over. We are invited to post our images on the site and comment on each other’s work. She comments on each person’s endeavors as well. Her style of teaching involves getting to know each student (many of us are repeat students) and provide guidance as we shoot during the workshop. I feel I have really improved my skills due to her excellent teaching! (Did I mention how much fun we have?) Bonnie Greenberg on May 30 2018


This meetup group is for you if:

You own a camera and you'd really like to use it more, but you're not really sure where to start and what to do. Perhaps you are ready to take that camera off the auto setting so you have more creative options?

Maybe you've taken a photography workshop before or tried picking up one of those thick, boring books, but you quickly got overwhelmed and overloaded with the technical stuff. Or you have tried to learn online but found it difficult to apply what you learned out in the real world.

You'd like to learn how to take better pictures of things you find interesting. That could be nature, people, landscape, architecture, etc. Whatever you feel drawn to. We are a learning group and each class builds specific skills to improve your photography. You also receive constructive critique after class to help you get better and better. If you are a life long learner, curious about photography you have found the right group.

I personally lead each workshop so you receive clear, simple instructions to quickly build your skills and creative confidence. I have a masters degree in education, worked at Polaroid for 15 years, and 20 years of experience training people to see creatively. During each class you also receive handouts so you can practice the skills on your own. I am a master level instructor so know how to present content in a clear precise way that sticks with you.

You would like to explore related topics like creative photography and mindfulness? This unique approach encourages you to slow down, take fewer photos of higher quality by experiencing the beauty of your life.


Which is better A. or B.

And the best part? The techniques you'll learn will have an immediate impact on your photography. You'll see an instant improvement and you'll also have an opportunity to get positive and constructive feedback for your work in a supportive environment.

If that sounds good to you, then I invite you to join our group. You'll learn a lot, meet some warm and wonderful people, and have lots of fun while you improve your photography. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

All I ask is PLEASE INCLUDE A REAL PICTURE OF YOUR FACE for your profile description when you join us. I can't find you in a crowd when we meetup if you use a photo of your cat:)

You can learn more about my background and philosophy at https://www.curioussoulphotos.com

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/flow-tography-better-photos/id499049037?mt=11&uo=4 My book

Welcome to the group!

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Fun Photo Treasure Hunt: Discover the Beauty of Beacon Hill

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy Join us as we explore the charming, historic, area of Boston known as Beacon Hill. We will focus on photographing the architectural details of this area packed with Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian architectural treasures, antique shops and historic landmarks. This makes great practice for any traveling you may do where you want to capture the spirit of a place. We will explore ways to be more mindful and we see this neighborhood. See sample photos in photo section below. They no longer are visible here in the text. The three skill sets you will practice to help you take better pictures are: • See: What is your creative vision. Using composition and visual elements of color, texture and line to express the essence of what you see. • Do: Do the right thing. Understand the fundamental camera settings necessary to realize your vision and make sure your photos are in clear focus and properly exposed. This will be a good time to practice going off the Auto setting with my guidance. • Be: Be present and connected to your surroundings so you can create photos from your personal experience. This makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph. Simple but effective mindful practices to achieve this will be provided. About your instructor: Suzanne Merritt is a master level instructor with a studio at the Boston Center for the Arts. She has led workshops on beauty, photography, and creativity in Asia, Europe and the United States for the past 20 years. She was the founder of the Polaroid Creativity Lab and in 2016 opened The Curious Soul Photo School in Boston MA. She is the organizer of the Take Better Pictures Meetup group and has led 260 meetup workshops. Suzanne provides step by step instructions as well as handouts so you can practice the techniques you learn again after class. The proprietary photography learning tools she provides make it easy and fun to learn how to take better pictures no matter what your skill level may be. You can learn more about Suzanne at: http://www.curioussoulphotos.com (http://www.curioussoulphotos.com/) Come discover the architectural details of Beacon Hill in Boston hidden in plain sight. You can make the ordinary extraordinary through your photography. We will explore some of the lesser known streets off the tourist track. We will visit the most exclusive neighborhood on the hill, Louisburg Square, and the African Meeting House, an important underground railroad destination for runaway slaves. Learning to see creatively means slowing down to notice simple details right in front of you that have the potential to make a great photo. The things other people walk right by will suddenly jump out at you begging for your attention. First, we will meet in front of Peets Cafe and I will introduce you to some simple step by step practices for creative seeing so you can find beauty in the most unexpected places. I have designed a series of 30 minute practices we will do together that will improve your composition, depth of field, and basic camera settings. Then you will have some time on your own to wander. You will have a chance to try these out right away with my guidance. You will receive individual coaching and critique while we are on the streets shooting. This way you can be confident that you will be able to repeat the process next time you are out on a shoot. This is a great session if you are interested in travel photography. We will work with color, texture, pattern, and light to make our photos come to life. As always, this is a non technical jargon zone. It is all about the creative act of seeing and capturing the moments of life with a fresh eye. Interesting perspective. I have found a fantastic area on Beacon Hill for our shoot. The winding streets are packed with interesting colors, reflections, architectural details, pipes, door knockers, all kinds of things you would never imagine would make great photo. I will share some simple tips for editing your photos to make them even more stunning but we try to take the best possible photo in the moment so you don't have to spend time in front of your computer later. This workshop is for you if: • You own a camera and you'd really like to use it more, but you're not really sure where to start and what to do to use it more creatively. • Maybe you've taken a photography workshop before or tried picking up one of those thick, boring books, but you quickly got overwhelmed and overloaded with the technical stuff. • Your photos are “nice” but not jaw dropping all that often. You are not sure what to do to make them more dramatic and stunning. Learn the quickest way to add interest to your images. Any camera is fine for this shoot. You can even use your iPhone if you like. This is a fun, fast paced workshop. So if you would like to meet other people who love photography and are curious about how to take better photos, I hope you will join us. All levels welcome for this one. Lots of people will be around too if you want to practice some street photography and candid portraits like this one. We are going to have a great time! You have joined the group, now join the fun. RSVP right away to hold your space and improve your photography while you have fun. Closest T stop is Arlington on the Green line or Charles on the Red Line. Parking options include the Boston Common underground lot. Suzanne More details will be provided once we have the full class participant list. Suzanne Merritt Founder Curious Soul Photo School[masked] Boston Center for the Arts 539 Tremont Street Boston MA [masked] http://www.curioussoulphotos.com instagram.com/curioussoulphotoschool https://www.facebook.com/curioussoulphotoschool

Custom Car Photography Class: Vintage Car Collection Creative Seeing Photo Class

Photography class description. Indoor winter location. We have a special opportunity being arranged by one of our members Bob Friedman. He has arranged for us to have a private photo shoot in the garage of John Bugsy Lawlor, a retired Boston Policeman. You may know him from NPR Car Talk The garage is in downtown Middleboro less than a mile from the Middleboro/ Lakeville train stop. If a few of us take the train, Bob has kindly offered to pick us up. John sends brand new and very fancy cars out to auto reviewers so his lot is full of the most beautiful cars. The garage is very large on at least two - three levels. The building was used to manufacture fire trucks at one time. This program offers a unique opportunity to photograph dozens and dozens of spectacular cars including: The actual Godfather Cadillac, The LBJ limousine, Vintage Corvettes Vintage motorcycles In addition to the cars there are vintage signs everywhere. Tremendous collection of models- cars, planes. He has tons of old tools, oil cans, MBTA stuff, Car Talk memorabilia. There is a fully working soda fountain with a whole room of Coca Cola stuff. In other words, a treasure trove of subjects to choose from. This will be a great area to work on your photography skills for close-up, macro, and abstracts along with composition skills. There will be fantastic shapes, colors, reflections and details to capture. Tripods are permitted. I will create 3 different creative challenges for you to focus on during the class. These are designed to help you see things you might never thing of photographing, or to photograph familiar things in a totally unexpected way. Learning to see creatively is of equal value to knowing your camera settings. We will work on both. See some sample photos below provided by Bob.( Thank You) Suzanne. As always, you are invited to.... Follow: Curioussoulphotoschool on Instagram Visit: www.curioussoulphotos website for private mentoring sessions Attend: TakeBetterPictures Meetups offered on weekends.

Fun Photo Workshop: Chinese New Year Lion Parade Street Photography

Jaho Coffee Roasters & Wine Bar


Join us to discover the 3 secrets to capturing the spirit of a festival, parade or special event. I am happy to be taking our group to Chinatown for this experience in learning how to take stunning photos of special events. There will be music, food, dancing and fabulous costumes for us to capture with our cameras. I have design a series of creative photography challenges to help you build specific street photography skills during the event. You will have a special photo pass to help you get to the front row of the crowd for shooting the event. Getting your white balance right will guarantee the colors are true. Some of the topics I will cover in the workshop will be: • Timing and positioning so you increase the chances of getting the lucky shot. • Composition of subjects within the frame and in relationship to each other. • How to use elements of color, light, texture, and motion to evoke emotion and tell a story. • How to simplify the shot so you capture the essence of the moment. • What are the recommended camera settings if you want to go off auto and catch the lions in action. How to prepare so your photos are in focus and properly exposed. The great thing about a festival is that no one cares if you are taking photos. So this is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable taking photos of total strangers. I have shot this parade many times so have scouted the best spots to position yourself for the best photos. I will provide a map with best photo spots. How we will work: WE will meet at 9:30am at a coffee shop where I have reserved a space for us. I will give a workshop on camera settings, composition, and creative subject selection before we go out into the crowd. We will discuss lighting, color balance, and shutter speeds, but don't worry if you are a beginner, I will help you get set. You can shoot on auto if you want to and still get amazing images at this event. How to isolate small groups of people from within the crowd. Then from 10-12:00 we will shoot behind the scenes to catch the pre event set up action. Often you can capture the most interesting shots while people are getting into costumes, putting on makeup and getting organized. I find this is a key to the success of photographing an event. At 11am the parade will get underway and you will be ready to capture the scene. This is a vibrant, colorful dynamic event that plays out on the streets of Chinatown. We will be right in the middle of the fun so you won't miss a thing. This special workshop on street photography at special events will introduce you to a step by step method for gaining confidence in photographing people in action. This is a essential skill for travel photographers, family photographers, and anyone interested in capturing moments of life in a way that tells a story. I hope you can join us. The tuition for the class is $65.00 and includes all instructions and handouts so you can practice the skills again next time you are at an event. This is an actual class with one on one instruction, not just a social shoot. I am limiting the group size to 10 so please RSVP right away. More details will be provided once I have the full class participation list. I used a fast shutter speed on this one to freeze the confetti in the air. We will officially end the class at 12:00 but the event continues all afternoon so you can keep shooting and practicing what you learn. Or join us for lunch. We will stop in one of the famous dumpling houses for a bite to eat after class and take a look at our photos from the day. Bring cash for this. Closest T stop is Chinatown on the Orange line. Parking in Chinatown is not recommended. Best to park at the Boston Common lot and walk over from there. Or there is a lot at one post office square. Suzanne Street Vendors selling souvenirs Photo by group member from previous workshop.

Night Photo Workshop: Boston Common & Garden City Lights Special Effects

Boston is all decked out for the winter season with more lights than ever. In this class we will focus on the three key skills necessary for night photography. 1. Camera settings 2. Focusing in the Dark 3. Creative Composition. Let's get out there and enjoy the magical beauty of the night. We take a short break half way through class to warm up along the way. There will be 3 different creative challenges introduced during this class. I will provide handouts so you can continue to work on the skills introduced after class. The assignments can be done by all skill levels. We will begin with Skaters on Frog Pond against the Boston Skyline during Blue hour. The assignment is to capture the blur motion of skaters in motion with stillness of the lights in the background. Next we will focus on the big view of the city scene with trees wrapped in lights in the foreground.Beautiful composition, proper exposure and starburst effects. Subtle color of the sky at blue hour all all the elements you need to work with to capture the feeling of the night. Some of the topics we will cover in the program: 1. How to get the proper camera settings to capture the stunning lights against the dramatic night sky. 2. How to use composition to balance the different zones of the image using creative strategies including the rule of thirds and beyond. 3. How to work with reflections of lights in water and windows to add depth and mystery to your images. We will photograph a range of subjects including trees, architecture, and people. You must have a tripod for this workshop since we will be experimenting with slow shutter speeds. *You will need to know how to set your camera on shutter priority and aperture priority for this workshop. I will help you with the recommended settings but you need to know how to change the settings. Please bring a small flash light so you can see your camera dials in the dark. If this sounds like fun, I hope you will join us. Knowing how to photography night scenes is an essential skill to add to your knowledge base as a growing photographer so I hope you will join us. I am limiting this program to 10. Hope to see you there! Suzanne

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New Photo Class: Take The T Urban Underground Photography Adventure

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Boston


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