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Discover the 8 secrets to photographing the BEAUTY of your life.

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Why do you take photos? Does it bring you joy? Do you want to discover a powerful technique for capturing the beauty of your life through photography? 8 secrets will be revealed during this exciting workshop. Focus on photography as a mindful practice in this full day special workshop. This approach is related to Miksang or “good eye” methodology and includes mindfulness practices for slowing down to experience the beauty of life through photography.

This workshop is for you if:

You want to discover how to take a photo that is the "equivalent" of your experience of beauty. That means the image matches the experience you had in the moment. You want to create photos of ordinary things in a way that helps us see how extraordinary they really are. You want to discover how to creatively see the essence of something and capture that quality in your photos using color, light and texture. The Flow-tography Workshop reveals the secret power of beauty as a source of creative energy and wellbeing. This contemplative practice offers a way to cultivate your relationship with the mystical in daily life. After 10 minutes of mindfulness, your creative self will wake up and start taking amazing photos. You will feel this shift and be able to make it at will. Once you know now to enter the flow state or "zone" your photos will be fresh and creative.

Whether you are just starting out or have been taking photos for years, you will benefit from this fresh approach to looking through the lens.

Don't be surprised if after attending this program you see your photos with a new sense of awe and wonder. You may even be thinking, wow did I take that photo? The answer will be yes, yes, yes!

The deeper your experience of beauty the higher the quality of your photos. In this workshop you will discover simple ways to see the world with fresh eyes and capture the beauty of life like never before.

The workshop will have 4 outcomes:

1. How you can take better photos by focusing on 8 Universal Patterns of Beauty such as vitality and luminosity.

2. How to use simple contemplative practices before you shoot to see more creatively.

3. How to use walking meditation while on a photo shoot to improve the quality of your photos immediately.

4. How to take stunning photos that match your experience of the moment of beauty.

We will start the workshop in my art studio at the Boston Center for the Arts. I will introduce you to the simple practices and then we will go out in the South End to apply what we have learned right away. You will receive personal coaching and instruction so you will be confident that you can use these techniques easily in the future.

We will take a lunch break and you can bring a brown bag, or grab a bite at one of the many great cafe's in the neighborhood.

After lunch we will go through a series of fun exercises designed to really shift the way you see the world and help you see with fresh eyes.


Location: Boston MA Boston Center for the Arts South End. Closest T Stop Back Bay on the Orange Line or Copley on Green line. 10 minute walk

When: Saturday November 10th 9:30-4:30

Tuition: $85.00

As a special gift when you attend this workshop you will receive a FREE PDF copy of my new book, Flow-tography: The Curious Soul's Guide to Intuitive Photography.

You can see the award winning book trailer on youtube! This will help you understand the approach of this workshop.

I also offer a 100% SNAP HAPPY Guarantee. If you are not happy with what you learn during our day together, I will refund your tuition on the spot so there is no risk. RSVP today!

Instructor: Suzanne R. Merritt, former Polaroid Corporation creativity expert. Suzanne is an accomplished artist, photographer, and author of Flow-tography, with a Masters Degree in Aesthetics.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 10th. This workshop will help you get set to take amazing photos in the next few months, as the colors of Fall come to life. Come on out and join us. You will meet some great people and learn some fantastic new ways to approach your photography. RSVP now.

See you on the 10th,