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Our engineering meetup group is focusing on any interesting aspect of Technology: From front to back-end, Angular to React, Android to iOS and more.

We believe that sharing knowledge is a way to grow, generate new ideas and discover new people.
Let's get together for some tech talks and great food!

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Angular 9 Special release event

Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

Takeaway.com and E-square are proud to host a special Angular 9 release event! Join us for a unique opportunity to meet and hear some of the most appreciated Angular speakers in Israel. We will also raffle off 300nis 10bis card for one of our attendees so don't miss out on this opportunity! 18:00-18:30- Gathering, drinking, and mingling 🕑 Agenda: Eliran Eliasy & Elad Bezalel on What's new in Angular 9 and deep dive into multi-application providers. In this talk: Angular elements are a great solution for wrapping micro applications. Sometimes, we want to combine more than 1 element on the same page and share providers between them. Angular now provides a new way of registering providers on the platform level. In this talk, we will understand how Angular register providers under the hood, what is really provided in and how and when we should use them. _______________________________________________________________________________ Shai Reznik on future proof Angular Testing In this talk: Upgrading to the newest version is hard. Especially if you need to upgrade all of your dependencies. You sometimes have breaking changes that span across your giant app in lots of modules. In this talk, you'll learn a technique that'll help you survive future upgrades while keeping all your tests green. _______________________________________________________________________________ Oshri Trifo on the future of Angular Architecture In this talk: When building enterprise applications there is a special need for "can-scale" architecture. In this talk, I'll cover the way takeaway.com handled her frontend architecture - from the need to share your infrastructures with more than 1 consumer, the decision to go to monorepo, the problem it causes and the offered solutions. _______________________________________________________________________________ Uri Shaked- Surprise talk. Wait for it! :) ______________________________________________________________________________ See you there! :)

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