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Taking Technologies to Market helps people turn innovative ideas into profit by providing the information and connections needed to develop and create market-driven products and form sustainable business models around those products. Commercializing technology is complex. Understanding the market - and market opportunities - is critical, but challenging. Finding the right funding at the right time seems to be more art than science. Taking Technologies to Market can help.

We host monthly MeetUps in Frederick, Howard, and Harford counties. Each event includes expert speakers, successful entrepreneurs, market leaders and others you want to network with and learn from to take your technology to market. The format of our MeetUps includes time for networking with speakers - and with each other - both before and after the program. Light refreshments are served.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking new technologies to commercialize, a scientist performing cutting edge research, an engineer holding a patent, or are just curious about cutting-edge tech, Taking Technologies to Market is the place for you. Past MeetUp topics have included understanding how to fund product development through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, conducting comprehensive market analysis, product development strategies that work, strengthening your product offering with Department of Defense patents, and more – always with a focus on providing valuable information to launch successful products and run successful businesses.

If you have speakers you’d like to recommend or topics you want us to cover, email info@deftechmd.com.

For more information about leveraging Department of Defense research, facilities, experts, and intellectual property, visit http://www.deftechmd.com and follow us on social media.

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Market Analysis: Are you in the right market?

The Ground Floor coworking space

Your business’s profitability depends on accurately assessing and entering the right market at the right time. Market research is not only a critical first step in business and product development, but also an ongoing strategic imperative. Properly conducted and analyzed, it will provide you with critical information to help you understand your market and the business landscape. Market research provides business with ways to:  Understand how potential and current customers perceive you  Determine who and where customers are  Identify unmet customer needs  Identify customer pain-points you can alleviate  Identify how your product or service fits within the market  Identify ways to connect with customers This MeetUp is for entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses considering their product or service’s potential in the marketplace and anyone considering how to bring innovation to market. Learn about free sources of market research along with tools and techniques for organizing and understanding the data you’ve gathered. Our guests speakers:  Laura Metzler, Senior Business Research Librarian, Cecil County Public Library  Griffin St. Louis, DefTech Program Manager & Market Research Guru

Customer Discovery: Build Something Customers Crave

6751 Columbia Gateway Dr

Risk is a constant companion for those who invest blood, sweat, and tears (and frequently, your own cash) in developing a great product or service. So how do we reduce risk and increase the likelihood that our investment will yield a solution people want and will exchange value for (or purchase)? The process is called Customer Discovery, and it is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard and it’s time consuming, but it is necessary if you want to generate ROI and build something people truly want and need. Join us as we bring in experts in the customer discovery process and hear from entrepreneurs who put in the effort and got great results.

Product Development

118 N Market St


Product development likely includes more than what you might expect. But the high costs of product development and customer acquisition requires that we understand how to scope, design, test, develop, and market products that delight - and keep - customers for years to come. Learn about functionality goals, budgeting, project scheduling, prototyping, engineering, and more from successful serial entrepreneur and DefTech Executive Director, Dr. Gary Evans.

Pitching: Get it right, every time

The Ground Floor coworking space


Learning to pitch is a critical skill for the life of your business. You need it when you seek funding as well as when you try to woo that great tech expert to your team or a super sharp CFO. You need to be able to tell your story in a way that connects with the people you’re speaking with. That includes investors, partners, teammates, mentors … the list goes on. We’ll hear from experts in funding pitches and work on techniques to help you move your audience to best achieve your goals. TEDCO will join us with a scaled-down version of their renowned Prelude Pitch. Our judge panelists will include: Anne Balduzzi, TEDCO’s Director, Advisory Services Neil Davis, TEDCO’s Director, Entrepreneurial Development Dr. Gary Evans, DefTech’s Executive Director

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