Customer Discovery: Build Something Customers Crave


How can companies reduce risk and increase the likelihood that investments in new products will result in sufficient ROI ... AND delight customers? Reducing risk and delighting customers are dual outcomes of customer discovery.

Learn the ins-and-outs of the same process the National Science Foundation employs in it’s I-Corps™ program. Dr. Gary Evans, DefTech’s Executive Director and I-Corps™ Mentor, will explain the process successful companies use to achieve product-market fit, share stories from his experience to explore where failures that could have been successes, and provide guidance on how to avoid the same fate for your products.

This MeetUp is for anyone embarking on the development of a new product, evaluating a new market, or re-evaluating existing product-market fit. Not developing a product? The customer discovery process is useful for any company that wants to provide value to their customers.

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