Market Analysis: Are you in the right market?


Your business’s profitability depends on accurately assessing and entering the right market at the right time. Market research is not only a critical first step in business and product development, but also an ongoing strategic imperative. Properly conducted and analyzed, it will provide you with critical information to help you understand your market and the business landscape.

Market research provides business with ways to:
 Understand how potential and current customers perceive you
 Determine who and where customers are
 Identify unmet customer needs
 Identify customer pain-points you can alleviate
 Identify how your product or service fits within the market
 Identify ways to connect with customers

This MeetUp is for entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses considering their product or service’s potential in the marketplace and anyone considering how to bring innovation to market.

Learn about free sources of market research along with tools and techniques for organizing and understanding the data you’ve gathered.

Our guests speakers:
 Laura Metzler, Senior Business Research Librarian, Cecil County
Public Library
 Griffin St. Louis, DefTech Program Manager & Market Research Guru