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Taking the BS out of Bible Study has been a long time coming.

1700 years ago a fatal flaw was introduced into the institutional church which they have been building on ever since. In the end, the institutional church is promoting the very things that Christ came to free humanity from. In less than 9 years the world will come to see it, but why wait? After all these years of painting the face and heart of God with a brush dipped into our own darkness and blindness, the truth is now coming to light. Folks like William Paul Young (author of the Shack), Baxter Kruger, Francois Du Toit, Bruce Wauchope, among others are sharing what they have discovered. You have an opportunity to share in the light of what is being recovered as Robbie George has spent the past 20 years rebuilding upon what is unfolding. Discover together how much bigger and better the God of the scriptures really is and how he has humanity well in hand. Don't let the institutional churches god turn you against the God of the scriptures. Ask your toughest questions. Nothing is off the table. The truth will set you free and the truth is a person and whom the Son sets free is free indeed. The countdown has begun, soon all will know the truth, you might simply get it before everyone else does if you join the rest of us in the journey toward our destiny.

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