What we're about

We're a tribe of women that love beauty, health, sharing, helping others, and want to stay & look young! Let's get-together to talk about areas where we want to grow and find inspiration, receive support and create new relationships while doing facials and taking care of your skin. Wash your face, relax, and be your true natural self without feeling like you need to coverup. If you are trying to achieve something in your life or feel like you want help or camaraderie around something you are working on, please join us for some relaxation, pampering, fun, talk, connect and support each other!

Deepen your sense of purpose, help other's build self-confidence and feel empowered to go after their dreams! If you know someone that struggles with unblemishes, sun damage, dark spots, scars, lines/wrinkles, acne, sensitivities or is frustrated with a drawer full of products that don't work, come explore and see if you can find something to help them.

We'll indulge ourselves in education, pampering, mini-facials, product sampling, and exclusive beauty events. It’ll be like a day out at the spa without having to go to a real spa!

Past events (3)

Sushi & Skincare & Solutions

Cherry Sushi

Goals & Skincare & (Drink Anti-Oxidants Too!)

City Place Wine Bar