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For anyone that needs personal change (for example weight-loss), Self-esteem issues, confidence-building, changing mindset, positive thinking, self care, investing in oneself and stress reduction.

Workshops and coffee meetups to Talk with Purpose, making new friends, supporting and helping the community.

Upcoming events will be guided through a wellbeing self-assessment that looks at how satisfied you are in these areas of your life: emotional, psychological, physical, financial, spiritual, environmental, social and occupational.

Enter 2020 confident about how to shape your personal development plans – plans that will not treat your wellbeing keys in isolation, but holistically.

Talk with purpose and connect with others on a deeper level.

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Understanding DISTRESS and Strategies for Managing it

Online event


Get some strategies to manage DISTRESS into place, take control of your own health, and please don't spend another £7 on this kind of thing again!

Your body has two main coping mechanisms for stress, which is why I never lump 'stress' into one category. There is EUSTRESS and DISTRESS.

The response system that your body uses to deal with acute stress prepares you for fight, flight or freeze. Your body employs a different response system to try to cope with chronic stress. This type of stress response is a slow 'killer' and really needs to be addressed ASAP, because the human body is not capable at this point in time to adapt to the chronic stress as a permanent state.

In this session, you'll understand the difference between the two, the impact they have on your health (physical and mental), your relationships, your environment; and we'll talk about the different techniques and strategies you can put into place to eliminate chronic stress - which is the precursor to DISTRESS.

Each of us has been created uniquely, so there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' solution to distress. It's therefore, really important that you come to the session with all the self-knowledge you can muster.
Think about stressful moments in childhood - the happy stressful moments (for example the pressure of a competitive football match) and the unhappy stressful moments (for example tension in friendships or family relations). Think about what you did to deal with it. Think about why you did that. Think about what you've brought with you into adulthood.

Stress doesn't just affect our bodies and minds. It could impact every or any other part of our wellbeing keys - from financial (in fact, you paying £7 for this workshop means that you're taking a financial hit as a consequence of your stress!) through to environmental. So... get some strategies into place, because I don't want to see you on a second round of this session! Be in a place where you can put your money towards fulfilling your life purpose as opposed to staying alive!

Ultimately, it's up to YOU to manage your health and take control of it.

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FREE Virtual Coffee Morning

Online event

Welcome to our Virtual Coffee morning.

Our small but growing tribe is a space where you’re welcome… so long as you’re willing to cut out the small-talk! We’re all about talking with purpose… expressing deeper things in life… communicating what’s affecting our minds and hearts. Not only will you need to express yourself, but you’ll need to listen deeply too. Our fantastic community is support in times of joy, need, creativity, sadness, self-realisation, and any circumstance that is being deeply felt. We have a profound respect for each other in this group.

Our coffee morning is our signature meetup and is the entry point into the other activities that the Talk with Purpose team organise. In other words, members are welcome to meet us over a delicious coffee or scrumptious hot chocolate. Our signature meetups traditionally have participant limitations in order to keep conversation intimate, but now that we are having these coffee mornings online, we're opening up our numbers. Please feel free to arrive with your breakfast plates, cups of coffees, pyjamas and teddy bears!

Join TALK WITH PURPOSE by sharing your input/thoughts/ideas and let’s get to know each other. And of course, we will have a theme of discussion waiting for you. Here is where you get to be yourself and talk with purpose.

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FREE Virtual Coffee Morning

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