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You know what to do for a fit body but what about your mind? Having space to talk is good for you, just like 5 fruit and veg a day is good for your body. We all need space to talk, clear our minds and gain perspective. Talk for Health creates this space. It starts with a 4-day group training in open communication, empathic listening and how to run a group. After that you gain access to a fantastic network of ongoing groups in Islington. Talk for Health is funded by the NHS in Islington and FREE FOR ALL ISLINGTON RESIDENTS. To find out more email info@talkforhealth.co.uk, call us on 07826 148 461, or text ‘call me’ and we will get back to you.

“A space where you can be completely yourself and be honest.”
“Enjoyable, inspiring, safe, supportive, liberating.”
“It gave me a much deeper understanding of myself and other people.”

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