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WHAT IS IT? Pop up gatherings, workshops, seminars, panel events and more for practitioners, service providers and enthusiasts of holistic and alternative healing, health, nutrition, metaphysical development and spiritual growth.

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You constantly crave a great conversation about your wisdom, your healing abilities, your experiences

You’ve been wondering if there are others like you in your community - thoughtful, caring, authentic, focused, supportive

You’ve been wondering if there are others like you out there who speak the language of alternative health, healing, nutrition, fitness, metaphysical development and spiritual growth remedies and/or modalities

You have wonderful gifts of healing arts and/or alternative therapies to share

You love learning everything you can about new developments, techniques and approaches to alternative remedies for health, nutrition, fitness, relaxation, spiritual growth, metaphysical development

You want to feel respected for your dedication to following the wisdom of your body, heart and spirit

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Enjoy Gathering - Reach, Stretch, Grow

95 McLeod Ave

There is an awakening to gather for support, for healing, for growth: Let's reach, stretch and grow, together. About this Event Our Theme for APRIL Enjoy Gathering: REACH - STRETCH - GROW Not just the clichés that are so familiar: Reach for the stars. Stretch your imagination. Grow through it. Although those are great reminders to have now and again. 🌾 But the kind of reaching and stretching and growing a plant embodies - especially during this spring season. When provided with the nourishment from the soil, the warmth and encouragement from the sun and the unveiling of its own genetic coding, its inner knowing, the seedling pushes through the darkness of its own shell, reaches past the limits of its surroundings and grows into the sunlight. 🌾 Come find ways to Reach, Stretch, and Grow into the greatest aspirations for yourself so that you can live a more joyful life. We will REACH, STRETCH AND GROW our bodies, minds, souls so that we can greet each day with greater awareness and practice joyful living. We will welcome new ideas, new beginnings, new ways to enjoy our lives more fully, more deeply, more completely, more joyfully. We will share healthy food and drink that nourishes our bellies and energizes our minds. Here's What to Expect at this month's Enjoy Gathering: 11:00 Opening Circle 11:15 Meditation: Reach Within 11:30 First Presenter: Stretching Beyond the Familiar 12:20 Sharing Circle: Growing More Resilience 1:00 Healthy Lunch: Reaching for Healthy Foods 1:45 2nd Presenter: Stretching into Soundness 2:30 Sharing Circle: Growing Stronger 2:50 Closing Ceremony Enjoy Gathering is here to bring helpful tools and resources that will assist us in finding and practicing JOY ~ even in the midst of our hectic, busy, chaotic lives. Learn more about alternative health resources such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Hypnotherapy and many other holistic modalities. Join in ceremony and rituals that remind us to deepen our daily practice of whole living. Join our monthly Gatherings! #community #healthy #resources This month's Enjoy Gathering theme is Reach ~ Stretch ~Grow into Joyful Living. Please join us for encouragement, education and empowerment as we Enjoy Gathering! www.enjoygathering.com Register here! eventbrite.ca/e/enjoy-gathering-reach-stretch-grow-registration[masked]

Sacred Hearts Rising Summit 2019 Join Us and be Part of the Change

Best Western Sunrise Inn & Suites

Brenda Hammon is heading the Sacred Hearts Rising Summit event. The event was created to not only Launch Book 2 "Finding your wings", it was also created to educate, support and encourage those that have suffered and to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With supporters in attendance, we have started to help those still holding the dark secrets close to their hearts, afraid to let the whole world or their family and friends know their secrets. There really is no topic off limits. That is the purpose of Sacred Hearts Rising to finally break the silence around stories that so many of us face alone because nobody wants to talk about it. But the silence around the stories is deadly and women, men and children need to be able to feel safe and free to share their own stories. There is no story bigger than the last, they are all of our stories. Many studies have been done about the long term effects of abuse and trauma on our health in later life from holding on their stories. Sacred Hearts Rising understands those health effects and is working to help those in need, shed their past and step into a new future. But we cannot do it alone, the women and men have to take an active role are wanting to change their lives further than what we can provide. We are just a stepping stone in their journey to healing. JOIN US AND BE PART OF THE CHANGE REGISTER NOW Early Bird Tickets (until April 20th): $99 including lunch www.paypal.com/webapps/hermes?token=9BB30112W[masked]E&useraction=commit&rm=1&mfid=[masked]_72edcb10de209#/checkout/guest

Tantra 101 for Couples

Spirit Path Studio

*For couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level and experience a new type of intimacy* The couples path begins with Tantra 101 for Couples and focuses specifically on practicing Tantra within a relationship. This workshop will briefly discuss the history of Tantra, and the meaning of Tantra. You will learn couples focused energy practices, Tantric love-making, and secrets to keep and build polarity within a relationship. Note** Either this course OR the Tantra 101 - for Individuals course is required to continue on to the 4 week series Exploring Tantra for Couples. Topics covered will include: *Sexual Polarity *Chakra Play *Cultivation of sustainable passion *Meditations to enhance pleasure *Tools to enhance intimacy *Relationships as a path to evolution *Orgasms and Tantric Sex This course is designed for couples - please come with a partner. Conscious Investment: *$395 per couple *Earlybird price of $345 per couple (first 3 couples to register) REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/tantra-101-for-couples-tickets-57189317789 Or E-transfer to: [masked] Please add a comment to the e-transfer stating your name, the date of the event you plan to attend, and your email address (we will send you a confirmation email). Use the password: connection. See cancellation policy here: https://www.shamayatantra.com/cancellation-policy

Manifesting Your Destiny Through the Akashic Records with Dr. Linda Howe

Manifesting Your Destiny through the Akashic Records - A Certification Course with Dr. Linda Howe For the first time ever, Dr. Linda Howe is coming to Canada and she will be teaching her very latest work: Manifesting Your Destiny through the Akashic Records. You know you’re meant for something greater. Discover for yourself the immense value of seeing and knowing yourself through the unconditionally loving lens of your Soul — the Akashic Records. After that, nothing is the same! Your awesome opportunity as an awakening individual is to envision your Destiny, recognize your Soul’s Intentions, and then, bring your Inspired Purposes to Life. This is the lifetime to embrace the freedom that allows you to make the fulfilling contributions held deep in your heart. This is your chance to study in person with Dr. Linda Howe, the world’s foremost authority on using the Akashic Records, the vibrational archive of all souls, for personal empowerment and transformation. This class is based on her very latest exploratory work in the Records. On the 10th anniversary of Dr. Linda Howe’s breakthrough book, How to Read the Akashic Records, she is gifting a free, personally autographed copy to every registered student. To receive Certification, attendance is required at all sessions. As a prerequisite to the class, you are required to read Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe available through Amazon or your local bookstore. Friday Evening: How to Read Your Own Akashic Records * Discover What the Akashic Records are – And Why It Matters * Examine the Organization of the Records * Learn How to Engage Effectively in the Records, Using Linda’s Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akasha©, for Your Personal Growth and Transformation * Find Out What You Can Expect from a Conscious, Co-creative Connection with Your Own Records * Embark upon Your Own Spiritual Practice Working in your Records Saturday Morning: The Compelling Power of Our Soul’s Purposes * The Soul’s Spiritual Nature * The Unchanging “Blueprint” of Your Soul: Who You Are as an Expression of the Divine – Your Ultimate Destiny * Identifying Your Soul’s Purposes * Akashic Manifesting: What It is and How to Get There Saturday Afternoon: Clearing Blocks to Experiencing and Expressing Your Soul’s Purposes * Exercises to Move You from Limitation to Liberation * Freedom from the #1 Obstacle: Grievances Against the Self * Healing the Birth/Death Traumas That Are Delaying Your Success On Saturday Evening, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, we will host a public book signing, where all of Dr. Howe’s books will be available for purchase or you can bring your own copies for her to sign. Sunday Morning: The Akashic Approach to Robust Manifesting * Prosperity, Abundance, and Money through the Akashic Lens * Supercharging your Manifesting with the Dynamic Duo of Acceptance and Service * Top 10 Clues to Your Soul’s Purposes Sunday Afternoon: Perpetual Growth & Manifestation for Infinite Beings * Balancing Your Inner Triangle of Heart, Mind & Will to Activate Inspired Results * How to Make Invigorating, Illuminating Choices for Your Manifestation * Your Soul’s Purposes, Your Destiny, & Your Fulfillment * You – A Spiritual Being in a Material World – Experiencing, Expressing, Enjoying Yourself & Your Life! Your Investment for the Course Early Bird $800 CAD$ ($577 US) before April 15, 2019 Regular $950 CAD$ ($685 US) after April 15, 2019 Special offer: Bring a Friend and save $50 CAD$ Option: Make 3 payments of $325 CAD$ each by May 11, 2019. Note: there is a $25 service charge. All sales are final and there will be no returns or exchanges. To register: heartandsoulhealing.ca/manifesting-your-souls-purposes-through-the-akashic-records-embrace-your-destiny-certification-with-dr-linda-howe

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