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Talking Stick Men's Open Group
Doors open at 6.45pm for a 7pm start (sharp!). The meeting ends at 9:30pm. Late arrivals will only be admitted at the discretion of the group (but don't be late anyway!) We are in the function room to the left of the bar. Please do not eat during the meetup. You may bring a drink in with you but once in session the doors will remain closed. Please make sure you RSVP on the meetup site in advance so I know expected numbers. If you need info contact Mark as follows: Email: [masked] Mobile:[masked] See you there!

Waggon and Horses

1 Surbiton Hill Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4TW · Surbiton


What we're about

This is a group for men. You may be married or single, straight or something else. Married or divorced. Kids or no kids. Successful or otherwise. You may be wondering what your place is in life and not really have anyone you can talk to about it. You might be wanting to be a bloke but also share your feelings.

This is a safe place to do so, supported by other blokes who have similar needs.

We meet once each month - there are no membership dues and, just at the moment, no charge for the meetings.

There is a maximum of 9 blokes per meeting.

The format of most meetings is:

A round of brief introductions based on some standard questions, selected by choice

One or more rounds of thought- and feeling-provoking questions where each person is given their space to share, uninterrupted

One of more rounds to share about any topic a member is being challenged by or feels the need to air and get feedback on

N.B. This is not a therapy group, not an encounter group, not a w*nk group [intellectual or otherwise] or a place to pick up men for sex, not a group for or against men or women, not a religious or spiritual group, not a political group, not a group of anything apart from whatever the men present make it.

Please see our Ground Rules page for background on attending.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Why "Talking Stick Surrey" ?

We don't [usually] need to use one but the principle applies - let every man have a fair chance to speak unhindered, hear feedback and hear others. You can always say "Pass" when it comes to your turn if you want to...

About the Organiser

I hit 50 a while ago, did the pretty much archetypal mid-life crisis and found the experience quite challenging. Even though I went near the fire I managed not to get burned and thanks to a number of things have had the best year of my life. Finding a men's group in London was just one of the things that was a real life-saver for me and I suspect there are quite a lot of other guys out there who find themselves in similar situations, not knowing where to turn, if they're going nuts or where they should be heading.

I have no qualifications for doing this other than being a well-organised sort of person and desiring to be more aware and give something back...

I am a husband, a father, a step-father, a grandfather (!), a dog owner and a biker.


Special thanks to Kenny d'Cruz ( who runs MENSPEAK ( for letting us use the format and materials that he has developed from running men's groups for over 10 years.

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