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Hi guys! こんにちは!
Anyone who wants to practice speaking Japanese? Here is your group.
I'm going to organize regular meetings for casual conversation in Japanese at a cafe/bar. Plus, sometimes we can also do something a bit more special, such as visiting an exhibition, watching a movie, eating out... etc. if you like!

I created this group because I noticed that there are actually quite some 'hidden' Japanese speakers/learners in Den Haag who are eager to practice their language skills. So why don't I offer an opportunity for that? Since I'm always happy to share stuff about my country and excited about meeting new people.

Your level of Japanese can be from beginner to super fluent, although it'll be great if you can already talk a bit more than just greetings. Simply because you won't enjoy it otherwise. But don't worry, it's a casual meeting. I can always help you and explain you in English/Dutch if needed :)

So I'm very much looking forward to seeing you!

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Talking in Japanese #33- Winter walk in Leiden

Leiden Lammenschans

Hello Japanese speakers! こんにちは konnichiwa.

Do you want to practice speaking in Japanese? Learning Japanese by yourself but no chance to use? Want to socialize with people in common interests? This Meetup is group is for you!
All levels welcome.

For this time of meetup:
Hope you had a good start of the new year. Lockdown is still influencing our lives and many of us are feeling bored, frustrated and lonely. Besides that it’s winter, not a most cheerful season…

However, there is no reason not to enjoy our lives :)
There are still many things we can do.
Don’t let lockdown make you down.
Luckily we have beautiful parks here and there in the Netherlands.
Cold? Wear a warm jacket, grab a warm drink, move your body and get together :)
No worries about your Japanese skills, the whole point I’m doing this is to offer a opportunity to get together and to enjoy.
Everybody is welcome.

So we meetup at a train station called Leiden Lammenschans. There is a nice park Cronestyn nearby. First we walk around in the park and then move to the beautiful and cozy city center of Leiden :) This route has a nice combination of the nature and the city.
On the way we will stop at Karel’s bio friet for snack 😋
My favorite! https://www.karelsbiofriet.nl/

Even though we will stop for snacks, bring your lunch if you think it’s needed.
I guess it’ll be around 10km walk in total for 2-3 hours.

I'd like to ask you a small tip of 1 euro in each Meetup session as a running cost of this group. I will send a Tikkie link to you. Thank you!

こんにちは!2022年もよろしくお願いします。新年第一弾のミートアップはLeiden散歩です。ロックダウンだし冬だし塞ぎ込みがちですが、こんな時こそミートアップ!みんなで集まって元気になりましょう ^0^ 最初は郊外の緑豊かな公園からスタートして、だんだん街に向かって歩きます。途中でスナックの寄り道もしますよ。

Looking forward to seeing you:) じゃあね!

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Talking in Japanese #32 - Saturday afternoon borrel!

FoodHall MingleMush

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