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Hello! This event is suitable for people who are learning Chinese / Mandarin 中文 / 汉语 but having no occasions to practice.

My name is Joyce Liu, who had been a presenter, journalist working for Beijing Radio Station. As a native Mandarin speaker with a standard accent, I hope I can help people to practice Chinese and introduce the country to you from my perspective.

During the last few events, I find most participants can speak fluent Chinese. All members are international-oriented, avid travellers, Chinese speakers, or dwellers living in China for a while.

Whether you are planning to travel to China, working in China or doing business with Chinese companies, or just being curious about this booming, perplexing country, just come and talk.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message to me.

Looking forward to seeing you in person!

Hui (Joyce)

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Talking in Chinese × 生肖 @VU, Zuid, Amsterdam

Global Room, 1A36

Dear all, We're diving into an interesting part of Chinese culture - Zodiac/生肖, a 12-year cycle labelled with animals, which has a huge impact on Chinese behaviours, such as naming, marriage, giving birth and attitude towards each other. Here is the detailed schedule, 18:30-19:00 As usual, everyone writes down one word and share something about it. Don't rack your brain, just follow your intuition. 19:00-19:10 We're going to watch a 6-min TED talk on the zodiac ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxg0_EpOcWs ), spoken in English with Chinese subtitles. 19:10-20: 00 Discussion. We can discuss questions that have intrigued you in the video. For example, - Have you known the 12 Chinese characters of zodiac animal? Doubtlessly, they are must-know ones - 鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、狗、猪。 - What qualities do these animals represent in your culture? - Are you curious about your zodiac animal? - Why do Chinese people say 老虎、老鼠, but 小猫、小狗? - In which ways has zodiac impacted on Chinese daily life? - I'll show you some photos of artwork inspired by the zodiac, created by one of the most influential artists in China,韩美林,Han Meilin. - …… 20:00-20:30 Learn & Sing & Dance. We can listen to a Chinese child song - Two Tigers/两只老虎, to learn new words, to sing, or to dance. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loc3MPVGhHU) Thank Remco for making this suggestion! That's all~ Do you like it? Thank you for your attention. Best, Joyce 22th

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Talking in Chinese × Number @VU, Zuid, Amsterdam

Global Room, 1A36

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