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What we’re about

Welcome to the Tall Club of Toronto ( and our member and prospect event calendar.

* * To join our Meetup group, we would appreciate use of your real name (first is good), and having a recent recognizable photo posted. This helps with RSVPs and communications, and of course finding one another at events.

About us:

The Tall Club of Toronto is non profit social organization for adults of above average height. Women 5'10"and men 6'2" and taller meet and socialize with others of tall stature.

The Tall Club of Toronto is a member of Tall Clubs International (TCI). TCI's purpose is to provide a social organization for men and women of above average height to promote tall awareness, and to provide the opportunity for social contact not to be found elsewhere.

Come out and meet tall friends, new and old. We have many more members than those registered here, so don't take the lack of response as an indication of level of interest in our events. Come out to a few events and give us a try. If you do decide to join, membership is only $20.00 per year and goes to supporting our website, this Meetup group, and TCI dues. As well, we support the Canadian Marfan Association. You are welcome to come out to a few events before joining.

The Tall Club of Toronto is a volunteer organization. We rely on our members for event suggestions and hosting. As a member, you should be prepared to host an event or two per year. Events can be as simple as making a restaurant reservation or anything else you would like to do as a group. It really isn't difficult, but the more we participate, the better the club is for everyone!

Members and prospective members will be allowed access to the Meetup group. Prospective and overdue members will be removed when no activity or interest is shown. Joining the Meetup group does not make you a member of the Tall Club of Toronto, but will allow you to view the calendar and come out to a few events.

Please remember, our club is only as interesting as you the members want to make it. We are looking for members who want to be active in the group. If you have event ideas, please let us know, or better yet offer to host!

Hope to see you at an event soon.

More information available at http://www.tallclub.c...

***Please follow RSVP instructions for each event. Some events will require contacting the designated host directly via the email address provided. ***