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The Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club has existed for years and has several activities per month. We started this meetup group about two years ago. Althought the Tall Club is for all tall people, the club is currently 100% single. Women must be 5-10 and men 6-2 and above. You must also be 21 years of age.

We are about to combine the tall club members with this meetup group, so you will be able to see everyone that is planning to come to each event. We always love to get new suggestions to add to the various fun social activities (i.e., dine-outs, bike rides, dance parties at local clubs, movie nights, cook-outs, etc.) we plan that provide an outlet to get together. Go to our official website (http://www.kansascitytallclub.org) for more information.

Check out what members are saying about the Kansas City Tall Club Meetup Group:

"If you're tired of the bar scene and blind dates, you can increase your odds of meeting someone that you share common experiences. The majority that attend, end up joining the club." - Amy

"It is a wonderful avenue to meet people. I was impressed with the caliber of people that attend the events. So if you enjoy meeting nice, friendly people, you will enjoy this group." - Alan

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