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DevClub 10th anniversary: DevOps track

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DevClub turns 10 years old and they decided to organise big event in Hotel Olümpia.

There will be 3 simultaneously going tracks - see detailds in eventbrite.

DevOps track includes:

Kristo Mägi - When (in)experience hits your face – lessons learned in real life

This talk covers different phases of supporting business with technology. Kristo will bring real stories and provide tips about choosing tech stack, finding balance in architecture decision making, becoming manager or CTO from engineering and classical disconnect between engineering and business. Its less technical and more life lessons talk intended to CTOs, Tech Leads and Senior Developers/Operations/Engineers.

Priit Pääsukene - hackish solutions to “good problems” in sysadmin/SRE/DevOps work

When company grows, you get more customers, which means more traffic to your site, more load to your servers. Sometimes this type of growth comes in big bunches and causes problems. And these problems require very quick solutions. These are *good problems* to have. Much better problems than having your perfectly running site with no customers. I will focus on some quick rescue hacks made using nginx, apache mod_rewrite and other tools at hand. The talk is aimed to broader audience with some concrete config examples.

Joonathan Mägi - Continuous Delivery the Cloud Native way using Spinnaker and Kubernetes

This session will cover the Cloud Native continuous delivery methodologies built on Kubernetes and Spinnaker using the new manifest based Kubernetes (v2) provider. We will look on how Spinnaker will orchestrate the deployments to multiple environments and use manifest parameterisation and hydration. track:

Erik Kaju – How to build a payment card product

Anton Arhipov – Kotlin DSL in under an hour

Dmitry Buzdin – How payment cards really work track in russian:

Андрей Скоморохов – Как начать тестировать и не полысеть
Andrey Skomorokhov - How to start testing and not to lose your hair in the process.

Александр Тавген – Как соединить Java, Js и графы с искусством, или история о том, как создавался интерактивный театр
Alexandr Tavgen - How to combine Java, Js and graphs with art. Story about creating interactive theatre.

Ольга Линник – Как ветерана знакомств на тиндере забанили
Olga Linnik - How veteran of dating got banned from tinder.

Андрей Солнцев – Почему не стоит заниматься спидкубингом?
Andrei Solntsev - Reasons on why not to speedcube?