• Refactoring Legacy Code for Maintainability Unit Testing - Part 2

    Refactoring Legacy Code for Maintainability and Unit Testing part 2: Testing, builds, and more! Patrick Robbins will be presenting. Location: Domi Station In the last presentation we took some legacy code that was written in a less than maintainable fashion. We saw how to refactored our code to follow a pattern that allows us to build testable code. In this presentation we will continue increasing the code maintainability by adding unit tests and builds to our projects. Pizza Provided by: Tal Search Group, Inc.

  • Refactoring Legacy Code for Maintainability and Unit Testing

    Patrick Robbins will be presenting on Refactoring Legacy Code for Maintainability and Unit Testing While most presentation are given to highlight new libraries, frameworks, patterns, or technologies, it can be hard to make use of them in existing environments. In this presentation we will look into some of the common issues in a legacy code base and how to apply proper standards and practices that will result in maintainable and testable code. Pizza Provided by: Tal Search Group, Inc. P.S. We are looking for future speakers, if you are interested let us know at the meetup.

  • The Ins and Outs of Azure Functions I/O Bindings for JavaScript & .Net

    Presented by Ashley Grant - Aurelia Community Lead and Microsoft Front End Web MVP Maybe you've heard about "serverless" and how Azure Functions makes serverless architecture really easy, but have you looked at the plethora of options you have for inputs to and outputs from your Azure Functions? The list is long and continues to grow. In this session, we'll explore many of the I/O binding options the Azure Functions platform provides. We'll also look at some gotchas you'll need to be aware of when building real-world serverless applications. You're not stuck building simple REST APIs with Azure Functions, and this session will help you get the knowledge you need to be successful building serverless applications with Azure Functions! Networking from 5:30 to 6:00pm Presentation starts at 6:00pm Pizza Provided! Bring a friend (get them to register for head count for pizza)!!

  • Utilizing Chromium Embedded Framework in your .NET apps.

    The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is an open source project that allows developers to embed a Chromium browser in their Windows, Linux, or macOS applications. In this session we'll take a look at how CEF works and interacts with the underlying Chromium browser engine, discuss why you might want to use it, and take a look at some examples of embedding a Chromium browser inside a .NET application on Windows using the CefSharp library. Speaker Jesse Taber Pizza provided. In an effort to get the technology community back on a regular schedule, we are planning on doing a User Group Meeting on the First Thursday of every month this year. If you are interested in Speaking, let us know at the meetup and we will get you lined up to speak. Keep in mind the talk can be about what you are working on, what you are interested in working on, if you find it interesting, others will too. This meetup is being posted on JSTally & Capital City .Net User Group Meetup. Look forward to seeing you at the meeting!!

  • Tech Expo 2018 – Tech Transcends, Wed, April 18 at the FSU Turnbull Center

    TalTech Alliance is excited to invite you to Tech Expo 2018 – Tech Transcends, to be held on Wednesday, April 18 at the FSU Turnbull Center in Tallahassee, Florida. TechExpo is the only annual conference in Tallahassee dedicated to highlighting and promoting technology in the Tallahassee, and surrounding area. This year’s conference will be the BIGGEST ever as speakers from all major business sectors will be brought in to discuss how they utilize technology to save time and money. This year’s conference will be the BEST ever as the topics presented highlight all the cool stuff that is happening with technology today. Here is a link for tickets: www.taltechexpo.com

  • "Tech On Tap" Hosted by TalTech Alliance

    Proof Brewing Company

    Thursday, March 9th at 5:30 at Proof Brewery, located in Railroad Square. Brewery Tour starts at 6pm. TalTech Alliance is hosting a Tech On Tap Event and inviting the local technology community to join them, first beer is on TalTech. Come on out and networking with other technology professionals!! For more information on TalTech Alliance here is a link to their site. http://www.taltech.org When you arive at the event, let them know you are with the TallyJS User Group and there for the TalTech event.

  • From Node to Go - John Maxwell

    Domi Station

    Come hear John Maxwell of The Agile League give an introduction to Go, targeted toward javascript developers: From Node to Go — This is an introduction to the Go programming language, which was developed at Google and in wide use today where speed and scalability are important. The presentation is cast in the light of small test app that was originally wrote in Node.js and then ported to Go, with special attention paid to their different type systems and concurrency models. Familiarity with JavaScript and Node.js is not a requirement but may be beneficial.

  • Survey of the Modern JS Development Landscape – Ashley Grant – 6pm Tues, May 17

    The modern JavaScript ecosystem is a vibrant space full of opportunity and innovation. In this presentation, Ashley Grant will help you get familiar with many of the tools and technologies that are driving this ecosystem forward. We'll explore ES2015 and beyond as well as TypeScript. We'll explore the tools you'll likely be using including Babel, Node.js, npm, jspm, and Webpack. We'll look at how developers are eschewing heavy IDEs in favor of lightweight text editors for their development needs. We'll finish up by exploring the many and varied UI frameworks that have arrived to help empower developers who are creating software in the Modern JavaScript ecosystem including Aurelia, React, and VueJS. You will leave more familiar with the technology and tooling you'll need to be a successful developer in this space. Also, since we are getting this group cranked back up we will have a discussion of which topics the community would like to see explored more thoroughly will follow to help drive future user group meetings. Pizza & Drinks Provided

  • Come talk shop over some beers!


    Summer has been slow for workshops, but let's get together and talk shop over some beers in conjunction with PythonTLH. This meetup is going to be SUPER casual, so feel free to bring along anyone who won't fall asleep from boredom when they hear talk of Python's new type system (the bartenders don't like cleaning up drool). Grasslands is officially our venue! We've got the back room reserved so we'll provide a few pizzas.