re:Invent Recap


Amazon will be presenting a recap of this year's re:Invent conference, so you will not want to miss this end of year event! If you weren't lucky enough to go in person, this will be the next best thing as Amazon will have a Solutions Architect discuss the recent announcements that were made at the event.

This event is being sponsored by Accenture, and will be held at the Feather Sound Country Club. In terms of content and venue, this will be one of our best events for 2018. We had had to cap RSVP's last year with 100+ members attending, so we encourage you not to wait until the last minute to RSVP.

About Accenture: Accenture is an industry recognized cloud leader with 5,000+ AWS trained and 2,100+ AWS certified individuals around the world. Our 12+ year partnership with AWS, our 13 AWS Awarded Competencies, and Premier Consulting Partner status have laid the foundation for the Accenture AWS Business Group. The one of a kind business group combines the resources, technical expertise and industry knowledge of Accenture and AWS to Accelerate end-to-end adoption of AWS, maximizing enterprise-wide transformation and innovation, securely, at speed and scale. Accenture is honored to sponsor this re:Invent 2018 recap session with AWS.