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This group is for those interested in embracing more natural home and health care and learning more about the benefits of Essential Oils.

Essential Oils have been used by civilizations throughout history for their therapeutic benefits. With the current resurgence in a desire for more holistic health and home care, essential oils are being used safely by individuals taking charge of their own wellness to do everything from relieving occasional headaches and muscle strain... to soothing the occasional stomach ache... to calming tension and nerves... to uplifting mood and enhancing focus...to cleaning the air in the home and countertops in the kitchen... and so much more...all without the undesirable side effects of using synthetic chemicals.

This group is dedicated to providing free education to interested individuals to empower themselves to take charge of their own and their family's wellness with the amazing power of Essential Oils!

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Clearwater Beach

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Blissful Beginnings Counseling & Wellness Community Resource Center

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Blissful Beginnings Counseling & Wellness Community Resource Center

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