What we're about

Tampa Bay Bitcoin is the largest, longest running Bitcoin group in Central Florida.

This group is dedicated to providing neutral information and education resource on cryptocurrencies & creating a community hub of crypto activity and innovation.

We will help you get started, understanding what you need to know on which wallets to use, exchanges, and especially how to avoid scams (there are many). You will learn how the technology actually works and how to safely get & use crypto.

We're a friendly group of beginners, enthusiasts, miners, programmers, entrepreneurs, investors, visionaries, technologist and hodlers, we invite you to come learn more about this exciting new space!

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Upcoming events (4+)

Sound Money Sound Food - Dinner Event

16132 Churchview Dr


Please purchase a ticket to this event here ---> https://posh.vip/e/sound-money-sound-food

All proceeds go to support our Bitcoin Bay non-profit organization.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the best of local cuisine and the power of community. Bitcoin Bay, a collaboration of Bitcoiners, educators, business owners, food producers, content makers, and family members, is proud to present an unforgettable culinary experience that goes beyond the plate.

We share a common vision, understanding that change begins at the grassroots level. By fostering local connections, providing education, and engaging in community service, our mission is to enhance resilience and prosperity within the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Through the celebration of regional flavors, Hunt + Gather pays homage to Florida's diverse heritage. Our commitment to quality means that every ingredient is carefully selected, ensuring simple, clean, and scratch-prepared dishes. We refuse to compromise on our principles, avoiding chemical preservatives, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, modified or refined ingredients, soy, and endocrine disrupters.

At Bitcoin Bay & Hunt + Gather, we believe that true empowerment lies in the knowledge and ability to grow, gather, prepare, and preserve pure, nutritious, and healing foods. Join us we revolutionize the way we eat and reconnect with our local food systems.

Bitcoin Only Meetup

Real Freedom CoLab

Come join your local Bitcoiners. This month we're beginning our new "Resiliency Series" We'll discuss the resiliency of the Bitcoin network and protocol as a whole!

Have anything you need help setting up, like a password manager, vpn, or Bitcoin wallet? Come, bring your laptop, and let us help you through wherever you get stuck. From basic to advanced concepts, we want to make sure you are set up with a strong foundation for the future.

Bitcoin Social - Friday Happy Hour

Sparkman Wharf

Meet us over by the umbrellas! If you can't find us start reaching out in the telegram or signal chat!

Come join your local Bitcoineers as we go around to Bay area bars/breweries and onboard businesses!

This is an informal meetup with no schedule or plan, just come get to know like minded people in your area!

Location likely to change event to event, stay up to date in our telegram chat https://t.me/+6TaP_y99LpM3NmIx


Real Freedom CoLab

Welcome to the Tampa Bay Bitdevs meetup!
This monthly in-person meetup is solely dedicated to discussing the latest developments on Bitcoin and the Lightning network, Taproot, LDK, LND, Bitcoin Core, Rust-Bitcoin, running nodes, it’s all going to be happening at this monthly meetup.

## Hosted by Ben Schroth

Tampa Bay's largest & longest running Bitcoin meetup group. We focus on education & development in this emerging industry. We're a broad group of technology enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, financial gurus, ideologues, who have heard about "blockchain" and wanted to find others who have too in a friendly environment.
Coming this meetup is a great way to learn & connect about this revolutionary technology through an open, friendly community. You can expect to learn the lingo, how to and what it could mean for your business, organization, or personal finances.
Stay plugged in as we frequently have guest speakers, presentations, workshops. Plenty of ways to learn or get involved in this emerging industry.
7:00 – 7:30 | Meet & Greet/Current Event Discussions
7:30 – 7:45 | "Current State of Bitcoin" - Mempool Review
7:45 – 8:45 | Latest Bitcoin Developments and Bay Wallet discussion
9:00 - ? | After hours, the meetup is over, but the discussion continues...

Past events (619)


Real Freedom CoLab