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Calling all book lovers!

The Tampa Bay area is in need of a reliable book club for quality literature. This Meetup group aims to fill that need.

We read across genres -- both fiction and nonfiction. Thus far, we have read a selection of major award winners, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the Edgar Award, and the National Book Award. We have also mixed in a few contemporary classics (if requested) along with a few lighter reads. Proposals for the next book can be made by an individual and democratically decided (i.e. voted on) by members. The main requirement is that the book inspires interest as well as great discussion/debate.

We get together approximately once per month in the late afternoon/early evening (4-ish to 6-ish p.m.), usually on the weekends. We pair our discussion with coffee, drinks, and/or light food. (Suggestions for coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are welcome!) We've also met at members' homes when they're willing to host.


Please note that the maximum number of members that this group can accommodate is 50. If a new person is looking to join after maximum capacity has been reached, the member who has been inactive for the longest is removed to make room for the new person. In other words, if you would like to remain in this group, please RSVP and attend Meetups on a (semi-)regular basis!

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"Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Bunker

We'll be meeting on Saturday February 23rd at 4:00 p.m. This novel is 288 pages. Here is some info from Amazon: From the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and author of the Booker Prize–winning novel The Remains of the Day comes a devastating novel of innocence, knowledge, and loss. As children Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy were students at Hailsham, an exclusive boarding school secluded in the English countryside. It was a place of mercurial cliques and mysterious rules where teachers were constantly reminding their charges of how special they were. Now, years later, Kathy is a young woman. Ruth and Tommy have reentered her life. And for the first time she is beginning to look back at their shared past and understand just what it is that makes them special—and how that gift will shape the rest of their time together. Suspenseful, moving, beautifully atmospheric, Never Let Me Go is modern classic. https://smile.amazon.com/Never-Let-Me-Kazuo-Ishiguro/dp/1400078776/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548805556&sr=8-1&keywords=never+let+me+go+kazuo+ishiguro

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"The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien

The Bunker

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