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This is a group for all those who love classic films, by which I mean old movies, not necessarily great movies! This is for you if you love any of the following: black and white classics, old musicals, westerns, movies starring the great actors and actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood, screwball comedies, film noir, silent films, pre-Code potboilers, early horror and monster movies, serials. I'm probably forgetting a few genres.
Starting this group during the Coronavirus pandemic means we won't be able to meet in person for a while, but there is a lot we can do online to share our interests and build a community.
If you have been watching TCM all by yourself, this group is a place you can come to talk about what's on and find companionship. We can discuss favorite movies here, what we're watching, and what we have in our collections. We can also play classic movie-related games (a favorite activity of mine).
I have high hopes that eventually the Tampa Theatre will re-open and we can meet in person for the Summer Classics series, special screenings in theaters, or just for a movie-and-games night.
I have been watching and waiting a long time for a classic film meetup group, and it finally seemed time to create it myself. I hope this comes as welcome news to other classic film lovers in the Tampa Bay area!

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The African Queen - Citrus Park Regal

Regal Citrus Park

The Wizard of Oz at the Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theatre

New Year's Eve Party (online) - drop by!

Online event

Frank Capra's Meet John Doe

Needs a location

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