The Humanist Society: Science - Threats and Hopes


( We were all greatly disappointed when the library decided to close at the very hour of our last meeting. We have every reason to believe this one should go off without a hitch. See you there!)

The Summit of Human Achievement.

These are perplexing times. Facts are conflated with ideas and opinions or mere feelings. In a world where religious, political, and a variety of other “controversial” matters are essentially unresolvable in ordinary terms, we are left to flounder in a sea of uncertainty.
But we have tools. They do involve some effort of course, but with them, humanity has been able to construct a body of reliable information about the universe, the world, and ourselves.
This trove of information and the methods used to acquire it are a public resource we call science.
Unlike some other forms of knowledge, it is continuously changing to reflect the addition (and occasionally the deletion or modification of some concepts or data) to sharpen our insight as to what the nature of reality is.
This Saturday’s discussion will be led by some of our leading science member - advocates. Among them are:
Jordan Williams, Brad Perryman, and Mike Kahn.
We will look at some of the recent discoveries and examine the threats posed by the faux epistemological doubts raised by our present political -social tumult.

We invite you to come and learn more, ask questions and offer your ideas and insights.
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