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This is a group for Cocoa and Objective C developers interested in sharing with and learning from each other. We'll meet on the second Thursday of each month to hear and give presentations on hot Cocoa topics like Core Data, iOS 8 and getting your app from idea to app store. Code and materials will be available on our github repository before the session so you can follow along, and after the presentation we'll have time for group discussion, Q & A and show-and-tell for apps people are working on. I'm starting this group because I want to grow a Tampa Bay native-code Objective C and Cocoa community.

I'm all about the deep technical dive and big on building things yourself instead of just grabbing components and slapping them together; you learn app architecture much more thoroughly that way.

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React Native - Facebook's blend of native UI and Javascript

Facebook has just recently open-sourced their React Native framework (http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/26/facebook-open-sources-react-native/) that promises to make it easier to design UIs that can cross platform boundaries without forcing developers to make do with less than optimal performance. In this talk we will develop a simple app using React Native and talk about what it can and can't do, and how it's different from Appcelerator or Xamarin.

Hack your iPhone
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The iPhone is rich in gadgety goodness, from the accelerometer and gyroscope to the Bluetooth and NFC hardware. This talk will demonstrate some neat little apps (with code of course) for: • Turning your phone into a metal detector. You can use this to find lost treasure at the beach, change under your couch cushion (or your car keys) or studs in your wall to hang pictures on. • Using your phone to communicate over Bluetooth LE with hardware (in this case an Arduino Uno R3 wired to turn LEDs on and off and work a servo motor).

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Writing a parser in pure Swift

ActSoft, Inc.

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