“CEO Talks” - Tampa Bay Wave Founders


Come hear from the Tampa Bay Wave CEO, Linda Olson, a college professor for Entrepreneurship at USF, Allen Clary, and book author who coaches CEOs, and the Founder to many companies, Ty Mathen CIO of ParkwayParking.com, about how to start your own business, and how to deal with the failures and successes of each step along the way! Learn how CEO Linda Olson, Allen Clary, and Ty Mathen co-founded Tampa Bay Wave, which is one of the top innovative Accelerator Programs in the Tampa Bay Area!

Learn how Tampa Bay Wave started out as a Meetup like this one in 2008 and how it got to be the amazing Organization it is today!

Read about Allen Clary’s book here: http://www.quittostart.com

*alcoholic beverages will be provided