What we're about

What we are about:

Tampa Bay Men: Body, Mind, and Spirit is a group of men focused on knowing ourselves as individuals, acknowledging differences with others, and accepting the value each individual brings to the group. Sessions, Workshops, and Events offered are designed to lead the group to a common goal of joyfully “doing life” with others in the group and reaching out to those outside the group.

Primary requirements for the group are a human being should be at 21 years of age or older and present themselves as a male human being. Sexual orientation and martial status are not an issue for the group. There is an invitation to be open minded to those of differing lifestyles than you live. Each person is on their own journey through life and we welcome those who wish to participate in respectfully “doing life” to join the group. All sessions and workshops will have boundaries and group agreements to keep the safe space for all who are on the journey. Opportunities for learning about our mind, our body, and each of our spiritual journeys will be presented in varies activities within workshops and sessions.

While we are all men, we each come with our own belief system and history. Many sessions explore personal history and provide a safe space to let go of unneeded burdens. We try to avoid controversial topics such as politics in the sessions.

A note about nudity / clothing optional sessions. Although the common belief in the United States is that nudity is wrong, some sessions use nudity as a way to outwardly express you are willing to be totally present with no boundaries. This is useful for the work that is being done in that session. Being nude does NOT equal sex, orgy, or other methods of “taking” from an individual. Sessions requiring nudity will be noted clearly in the description. Clothing optional sessions are that. For those that feel removing all boundaries to be seen as a human being by others may chose to be nude. For others not open to the idea may remain clothed. As with nudity required sessions, clothing optional sessions will be noted as well.

We Value:

• Each person’s distance traveled in their life journey provides a unique perspective and energy for the group to enjoy

• All persons are unique and have something to offer to the group

• Each person’s yin and yang energies and we celebrate their energy

• Staying within defined boundaries for each session


We have five simple rules that we take seriously. Those who break any of our rules will be asked to leave the event and may be removed from membership:

• Respects boundaries. Both for the individual and the group.

• Maintain Confidentiality regarding session participation and activities is expected

• Clothing level defined in the event description is expected during that session

• The events are not designed to be orgies, penetrative sexual activity is not permitted during an event

• Illegal drug use is not permitted during an event (and please don't show up stoned or drunk) – The experience should be enjoyed fully and being influenced by drugs or alcohol may impair that experience as well as limit the safety of the space as a whole.

HOW TO JOIN (you must be at least 21 years of age)

1. Use your real first name and last initial on your account.

2. Answer all profile questions with reasonable details (one or two words are not enough)

3. Post a recent photo that clearly shows your face. This will assist us in registration and check in for sessions

4. Approvals take up to 48 hours. You will be notified via email when you have been approved.

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