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Show and Tell: A GUI interface to microcontroller programming.

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I have a GUI programming environment working enough to generate python code which can be run in a crude simulator on the PC. This includes the ability to do multi-tasking between multiple python functions using the new "yield from" statement in python version 3.3 (the newest version of python).

Drawing from the python experience, I also have 2 m4 macros for C++ that add similar multi-tasking capability to C++. Since C++ is underlying language used for the Arduino, this should be able to be used for Arduino programs as well.

I plan to demo the GUI programming environment (actually, this is web based to greatly simplify the GUI coding), the multi-tasking capability of python, and the multi-tasking capability of these 2 C++ macros. If I get a chance to do more on the Arduino side, I may be able to generate an Arduino program with programming tool to demonstrate multi-tasking on the Arduino in C++ without an operating system.

So, lots to talk about! Come join us, and see what an alternate way to program your microcontroller might look like!