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Open money, also known as cryptocurrency, is digital money which has no controlling authority and with which anyone can participate across the globe. Bitcoin is the prime example of open money, but there are others as well. Open money lowers transaction costs and empowers people to have unencumbered access and control over their cash. This is a meetup for enthusiasts and the curious about bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Whether you've never heard of alternate currencies or already own a few, want to learn or want to trade, this meetup is for regular folks and businesspeople alike. The point is to build a supportive group which serves to inform the larger community, providing valuable and fact-based information about the promises and pitfalls of this exciting new technology. Also, the cryptocurrency community tends to be predominantly male, so we'd like to express a particular welcome and enthusiasm for women to join us. Open money is for everyone!

he technology has progressed to the point where we can realize open money in a completely decentralized manner with minimal effort.

Creating your own crypto currencies has become trivial. Everyone can have there own currencies now for personal credit, projects, causes or enterprises. I suggest we support cryptocredit employing cryptotokens to create capital for any purpose. These mutual credit tokens attain value due to trust in a person or enterprise and the commitment to return rewards or charitable value for the token. This is akin to what I call fronteer financing that build the west using personal I-owe-you's without banks or currency.

Rewards giving value to a token may be in I owe you hours of your time, I owe you repayment upon success or over time, credit or discounts on goods and services, or the satisfaction of helping a good cause like creating a public space or keeping another human being from starvation or homelessness.

I am deeply involved in cryptocurrency development for several communities. The work I am doing can be employed by the Tampa Bay community if there are few of you having or willing to learn some system administration or programming skills. Everything we need is out there and available open source. We just need to package it to make it easy for everyone to use. The aim is to make configuring all the technology that empowers the individual in a decentralized interoperable manner as easy as pushing a button.

Personally I feel a moral obligation to do something to grant people economic sovereignty rather than sitting back and assume others will do it for me. I'd like to make it a reality in our community in a cooperative manner with other communities to be co-developed and interoperable with the other communities.

By the way, running a meetup involves paying meetup.com. If you'd like to donate to these costs, the qr code above is the group wallet, you can send there. The bitcoin address is: 1MpLN82JBUiButRdef8pC75fE3tPD7fT6r. The ethereum address for ETH, RHOC, or any ERC20 compatable ethereum token is 0x318544a6eea9Dd19117c7972710d79A1fDe711da. DivvyDAO.org proof of cooperation tokens will be issued for donations.

Funds will go to support the meetups and not anyone's personal pocketbook. Our spending is transparent on blochchain for inspection by anyone.

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