Build YOUR Dream Career Using Corporate Tuition Assistance Benefits

Tampa Bay Professionals (IT, Sales, HR & more)
Tampa Bay Professionals (IT, Sales, HR & more)
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This will be a WebEx Meetup. Here is the link>>

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Accumulating career skills is important. (Having the company pay for it is brilliant!)

Successful companies understand that increasing the skill level of team members is a smart thing to do!
• Increases employee engagement and satisfaction levels
• Reduces turnover
• Brings new skills to all levels of the organization
• Motivates and energizes teams

Accessing tuition assistance benefits for specific skillsets can be a challenge.

This brief webinar will help you navigate your company process to build skills without impacting your department’s budget or your pocket.

We will focus on key areas that are critical for tuition assistance success:
• Explore the tuition assistance process
• Assess specific skills needed
• Match available formats with benefits policy
• Detail specific prompts that facilitate approval
• Follow-through to expedite reimbursement
• Describe certificate programs that meet goals

"I was the first at my branch to use our tuition assistance benefit. Now I’m on my way to my Dale Carnegie Organizational Leadership Certification, all funded by my company!" – L.P. Tuition Assistance Grad

"My company paid for my Dale Carnegie SALES MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE. Now I am a Sales Manager there. Perfect!" - R.G. Tuition Assistance Grad

This will be a WebEx Meetup. Here is the link: