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Thank you for joining this book club. This my first meet-up group, and I am learning so bear with me. I welcome suggestions, ideas, or feedback on how to make it more accessible for all. Anyone interested in co-hosting, please let me know, especially if you have experience or ideas on how to optimize the platform.

Mission Statement

Our goal in this club is to grow. Whether its personal, emotional, professional, or other types of growth, I want this to be a space where we can grow together.


This book club is a little different; we will read a few chapters then discuss it as a group (instead of reading the whole book first and then talking about it a month later). The material is mostly non-fiction; thus, it can be more dry and inaccessible; however, with discussion and interaction, I hope this format will help expand our understanding and enhance the experience.

Welcome and thank you for joining

Lance Arnold

The First Book: Feeling Good by Dr. Burns

It may feel a little counterintuitive that the first book is about dealing with mental health. However, I have learned over time that we have all struggled with depression, anxiety, anger, or other mental health challenges at some point in our life. Understanding how to care for our emotional and mental health should feel as natural as going to the dentist (you don't HAVE to go, but you really should).
I read it once before, but I feel like going through it again will help me understand and integrate the material into my life. It would be good to hear other people's challenges and accomplishments as we go through it together.

One Final Note:

The first few chapters are, well, to put it mildly BORING. I feel the author spends a lot of time justifying the book, showing the references, and proving it sound science. That is great for a master's thesis, but not as helpful to me reading the book. I recommend speed-reading or just skimming the introduction.

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