Overview of Phoenix LiveView: Example Applications and Code

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LiveView is a capability for creating interactive web applications from the server. Users interactions and the resulting DOM changes are controlled from server-side Elixir code. There is no need for dual dev skills of Javascript clients like React. Control the interactive aspects of the application from Elixir and efficiently use websockets to push DOM changes to the browser.

We'll discuss a suite of example applications, how LiveView works, and example code. The objective is an overview of LiveView capabilities and a broad overview of LiveView code and its limitations. We'll follow this overview discussion with an introduction to an opensource Image Annotation tool that will be built in the next few meetings. You are welcome to join in the development of the application using LiveView at https://github.com/meanderingstream/image_anno

We'll look at example applications from https://phoenixphrenzy.com/results and other live example apps. We'll look into the design approach for LiveView applications. We'll examine key code snippets that frame how LiveView applications are built.

The example application repository is a base LiveView application with TailwindCSS wireframes and markdown pages for Tool Description, Technical Choices, How to Add LiveView, and Useful Blog Articles. Essentially ready for us to start building a LiveView Application.

In addition to the GitHub Repository, we've created a Slack channel for the meetup group. Please consider joining the Slack channel. https://join.slack.com/t/tampaelixirmeetup/shared_invite/enQtODc2MDIxMTg2NTgyLTA1ZTYzOGI4ODJmMTI5ZWYzOTIzNDM0OWRhODQzNDhhZGZiYWFlNjlmZjNmMzdlYjNjZTQ0OWJjZWU0Y2VkYWY