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Master The Inner Game Of Business - The REAL Science Behind Personal Development

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You know that your mindset is 80% of success but you don't know how to permanently eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You keep chasing strategy after strategy in the marketplace but aren't getting the results you want (and deep down inside you know the problem is YOU.) You're business has become one of the greatest sources of stress in your life and you're ready to finally establish the confidence, certainty and clarity you need to perform at your next level...

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Join us this coming Wednesday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST and learn from David Bayer, author of Mind Hack (over 100,000 downloads), Creator of The Powerful Living Experience Live (Named "A Top 3 Must Attend Personal Development Event For Entrepreneurs")on mastering the Inner Game of Business

During this webinar you will discover:

1 - The results that you are producing in your business are dependent on one thing and one thing only, your mindset
2 - that personal development is a failed model and there is a new technology that the most successful entrepreneurs are using to become unstoppable
3 - Most entrepreneurs think they already know at mindset is, and they don't (which is why most entrepreneurs are stuck)

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David Bayer is the leading expert on the origin and evolution of intelligence. David is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of David Bayer Transformational Programs, a global coaching and training company helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of human performance, intelligence and potential. David has been recognized as a leading expert on mindset and business and his event The Powerful Living Experience was named by Inc. as ‘a Top 3 must attend personal development events for entrepreneurs.’ David’s book Mind Hack has had over 100,000 downloads and provides a practical step-by-step framework for evolving into the next level of human potential and what David calls “becoming a Phenomenon.”

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