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We are bringing life back to this group. Below is new about us section as of mid February 2020 (updated in August 2020):

This group is for former Jehovah's Witnesses (or other ex-cult survivors) no matter how long you've been out. Including for anyone that is freshly disassociated or dis-fellowship. Additionally, we welcome anyone who is currently in the organization but considering an exit (PIMO). That said, if you're looking to leave but do not want to be identified by current Jehovah's Witnesses members such as your own family or Elders, feel free to join with an alias name / profile picture.

This group intends to offer support, friendship & understanding. You are not alone.

We want you to be yourself and have fun at our meet-ups which will always be in a public place like a parks, breweries, or other fun establishments. This will be a place of safety and inclusion. Meetups will be held for you to have open dialogue with group members to share or listen to stories, find support, voice your doubts or simply to have fun with those on the same path. There are more of us out there than you think!


The rules of this group are as follows:

• Be respectful of whatever the stage of transition its members are in even if they are considering going back in due time.

• Do not join the group intending to convince the members to convert back to being JW's.

• Do not join this group if you think this religion is actually the absolute truth and are expecting to hear wonderful stories about it. You won't. Please come to us if you're already having doubts /curious and are ready to have an open and friendly dialogue about your situation, or are willing to politely listen if you're not ready to share.

• Trigger warnings: Some members may share stories of abuse that they experienced as a former JW at a scheduled Meetup. Please be respectful.

• There will be no tolerance of any kind of discrimination or bigotry towards anyone in any way, shape or form as you will be blocked.

• We are an inclusive group. We accept anyone from any and all walks of life. You will not be discriminated on basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

• We will also not tolerate any kind of promotion of other religions whatsoever specially those trying to convert Ex- Jehovah's Witnesses to some other religious group. There is a difference between "I tried [SAID RELIGION] and it works for me" vs. "YOU SHOULD TRY [SAID RELIGION]...". The whole idea here is to protect and allow its members to think for themselves freely.

• I can't believe I have to say this but: THIS IS NOT A TINDER GROUP. DO NOT JOIN TO TREAT IT AS SUCH! Do NOT make unwelcome advances at the members to the point I get complaints about your behavior making others uncomfortable! If that is the case, you will be removed as a memeber.

• When attending a meetup, follow the local establishment's rules including wearing your masks.



Este grupo es para los ex - Testigos de Jehovah o los miembros que están buscando apoyo en la difícil transición de salirse de esta organización. Al decir esto, si usted es todavía miembro, puede agregarse al grupo con un nombre y una foto cualquiera. Solo incluya en las respuestas de la preguntas como llego a ser Testigo, que buscas del grupo, y incluya algún detalle íntimo de la organización como que libros publican o cuantos van al cielo al morirse para saber que usted fue miembro o afiliado con la religion para proteger la privacidad y el bien estar del grupo.

En adicional, tenga en cuenta las reglas del grupo si vas a atender los eventos que son:

Comportase y respeta a todos los miembros y su trajectoria

No se permite promocion de ningun tipo de otras religiones para recaudar miembros.

No se permite ningun tipo de discrimination. Si lo hay, inmediatamente seran reportados a Meetup y bloqueados.

Sobre todo, diviértanse!

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