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What is it like being a Game Developer?

Imagine writing a novel.
With heroes & monsters.
In Chinese.
Using linear algebra and CAD.
Now ... go and jam a fork in your eye!

Do you consider yourself a game developer? A digital artist? An audio engineer? A playwright? A software engineer? A technology investor? All of the above?

It is doubtful that many of us know each other. Let's Meet-Up to find out who among us creates monsters and heroes using 3DSMax or Maya or Blender, Substance Painter, Mudbox and Photoshop then animates them using Unreal Engine or Unity. Talk with others in this amazing field who have published their games on Steam, itch.io and in other markets. Employers are also welcome to come and get to know the gameDev talent that resides in the Tampa Bay area.

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Let's see how many GameDev's there are in the Tampa Bay area

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