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What is LifeRing Secular Recovery and Why Does it Matter?

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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) affects many people both directly and indirectly. When someone thinks about getting “clean and sober”, AA and 12 step treatment centers typically come to mind. While a great many people have been helped by AA, there are also many people for whom AA and 12-step methodology with it’s religious origins and one-size fits all approach do not feel like a good fit.

Too few people have any awareness of secular recovery pathways. LifeRing Secular Recovery is one of those pathways. Rather than requiring surrender to a ‘higher power’, LifeRing believes in “Empowering Your Sober Self.” Increased public awareness of the various available recovery approaches to SUD is crucial. LifeRing can’t help everyone - no single approach can - but LifeRing can help a great many people. To ensure recognition of recovery organizations like LifeRing, we need to get the word out; not just to the people battling SUD, but also their families, health care providers, and communities. Additionally, those whose loved ones are seeking help through LifeRing or other approaches should be able to enthusiastically support their loved ones without fear that a lack of “doing the steps” will cause their loved one harm.

Lisa is a wife, mother, daughter, proud owner of a 5 year old cavalier, avid Trekkie, and a person in long-term recovery. She is the LifeRing Frontier Regions Coordinator and a LifeRing convenor (facilitator). Lisa’s passion for helping others find and maintain recovery and for helping to bring LifeRing Secular Recovery into new areas and communities.

Poisoned Punch & Purple Shrouds: Inside the World of Cult Psychology & Tactics.

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Clint is the host of the Mindshift Podcast that focuses on reconstruction after deconstruction. Clint grew up in the Church of Christ with parents who followed the Bill Gothard method of child rearing. Clint now describes this as cultic practices.
What I need to do is discover the authentic Christianity
… and then I wasn’t able to do it.
After pursuing a PhD in Theology in the U.K. while teaching Clint began to recolonize the disparity between what he believed and what he was teaching. The problems with the bible became too much. At the time Clint was hosting a podcast called “Preacher’s Forum.” The content had become too radical for its audience. He then changed the podcast into Mindshift and as his listeners have told him, he began deconstructing in public.
Only when you physically remove yourself and psychologically remove yourself, that’s when you start to think critically.
Clint has has had a focus on cult studies, Christian Dominionism and Christian reconstruction where politics and religion meet. He has had various experts in these fields on his podcast.
Best advice: Get yourself educated
Most important Clint has a heart for people. Just because we no longer are religious does not mean we lose our sense of pastoral care.
Read his blog at https://mindshiftpodcast.medium.com/

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What is LifeRing Secular Recovery and Why Does it Matter?

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