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I See You! The Woman that runs frantically after her children and sometimes tirelessly from one task to the next. I see you trying to look half way decent trying to manage your food consumption so that you can keep that shape that WOW's others as you walk into a pretty black dress party. Guess what! Women are more likely to reduce their stress and decrease stress eating when they have the support of other likeminded women on their mission to greatness! If you'd like to meet up to share healthy recipes, offer emotional support, learn more about how to reverse your stress, and even work out together at times then let's meetup! As a successful holistic health & nutrition coach with two children I understand the rigors of motherhood. I have a strategy that works. It affords me a lifestyle that includes minimal stress, afford frequent vacations, and the ability to consistently radiate energy while taking care of my young children. I want to share those strategies with awesome women like YOU in our Tampa Bay community. Soooo, let's get started and form some creative, stress busting meet-ups! Most ideal for women ages 25-45ish, but open to all AWESOME women! I'm open to all types of suggestions because YOU matter. :)

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