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Absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome, open discussions on spirituality, consciousness, meditation, yoga, the universe and anything existing in it, quantum mechanics, energies, feelings, emotions, what we’re afraid of and everything in between, hobbies, creative desires, hardships, what we love and what makes us laugh, why we cried last night, art, music, tarot, the chakras, food, the beach, photography, anxieties, fears, that book we read or movie we watched, all the passions that may be raging inside and LIFE!

Intentions for a group of acceptance, no age or restrictions, introverted feeler empathetic to extroverted sensor logical mindsets. A member idea based evolving group, built on love and compassion for others perspectives, judgment left outside this group please.

I myself am an introvert, and can’t necessarily find a place meet others and converse about things that interest me, so I’ve decided to create one.

Help me build something different.

So, here's my perspective on this group. We probably all have a social media app, we have friends on there, maybe from all around the globe that we converse and have a good time chatting. I simply think it would be fun to create that on a bit more personal level, we have a large population of people here, such an adverse collection in my opinion.

Wouldn't it been fun to build a community for ourselves, to share experiences and socialize in real time, to laugh and enjoy company. Of course everything starts small and as an idea, usually a new idea is considered odd or different, maybe weird, who knows. I feel with ideas and collaboration from all members who wish to do so we could build something new, fun and amazing. Maybe imagine the possibility of having a group of chosen family to experience things in different locations, to meet strangers and form bonds and make memories. Lets do something different, lets be weird.

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Lets paint, laugh, meet friends and let go!

St. Pete Beach Access

We will be painting on the beach with music. Canvases, paint, brushes and good vibes will be provided. No experience in painting is required. We’re meeting In the morning before it gets too hot out also so parking lot has space. We are here to have fun, to converse, make friends, create memories and enjoy painting barefoot in the sand. Maybe wear old clothes. Bring a chair if possible. I’ll have a some for anyone that needs of course, but may not have enough for everyone, it depends on how many show. Cost is $20 per person, bring kids, grand kids and friends. No charge for children, they of course may paint also. I look forward to having fun with you guys!

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Mindfulness of thoughts and actions, lets grow!

Tampa Armature

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