Conversation on life, existence and the things in between.

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I’m writing words from my perspective, and they are only my opinions. This meetups creation is developed from a mindset of change.

We’ve lived an existence based on the same principles since the day we were born. It’s not something we necessarily chose consciously, but something learned by observing others behavior. Survival uses this type of learning as a tool, it keeps us safe. Fear is correlated with survivals forming of thought patterns associated with the need to stay alive and fit in.

I feel many people hold the knowledge that cyclic behavior isn’t needed, that breaking these patterns is the key to unlocking life. We feel anxieties through fear of judgment. When trying something new and entering a place of vulnerability; we question what we’re doing, to keep ourselves safe. And it’s not needed, and maybe destructive to growth from new experiences.

Now I’m going to be vulnerable, because I feel we’re entering an era of people wanting change, real and new things. My main objective is to create a space free of expectations based on old, repetitive logic based ideals. I feel it’s time for change, and am willing to step out of my comfortable safe zone to do it.

We meet with no agenda, not knowing of content. The time and physical place may be different every week, as it’s fellow creator based. Judgment of another soul is the only thing not welcomed, and an energy of acceptance of important. Every person on this planet experiences life differently than another, and there can be a lot to learn from their perspectives.

We may all have completely different views of life. One person may want to talk about movies, and another person about metaphysics. There is a similarity though, we wanted change of some kind in our lives.

We all cry, we all laugh, we’ve all been scared and felt out of place. We’ve questioned ourselves, been confused and lost repeatedly, but for some reason we hide it from one another. It’s because when we think of the future, if even for an instant, fear can be felt based on the feeling of not fitting in during past experiences. This is an example of an emotional trigger influencing our decisions, although it’s a small one, but just how small is it?

If we have this happen all day every day, than it seems like it could consume life entirely. If we stop thinking, and we live in this exact moment, thoughts wouldn’t stop us from being completely open. Fear is the root of living in the past or future, and we cannot live in the moment simultaneously with either.

Of course the ego uses fear as a tool to justify why we shouldn’t change, this makes it easy to remain in that same cyclic life structure. So let’s build something, and maybe what we learn here can be incorporated into our personal lives. In my opinion, it won’t hurt anything to try. It’s one night out of thousands that will be very similar to all previous nights if we don’t try.