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There will be coffee and refreshments available. Please bring a pen and pad or laptop to take notes, a list of questions, your business plan, and an open inquisitive mind.

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3104 North Armenia Avenue Suite 2 · Tampa, FL

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What we're about

I am a low key digital marketing business owner. I work from home. Wear walmart shoes. Enjoy canoeing on the weekend and on average work 20 hours a day. In 2017 I worked less than 20 hours a week because I wanted to take the time to explore other cities. Last year my advertising company did over 250k in sales Those numbers will double this year. I have partnerships with over 300 seo companies. The top companies in the nation. I have seen and been apart of over 100 brands being built and started from scratch. My company alone generated over 17,000 phone calls for my clients in 2018. I've spoken on stage at private mastermind groups, am constantly recruited by million dollar companies to sell for them and tbh I'm unfulfilled.

I love to teach coach and empower others. I hate to say it but I work best as an adviser to others as they build their dreams.

I've been the top salesman at the largest direct sales company in the world, creating a car product that's over 500k in revenue (startup costs - $50), started a lead company in the debt industry that grossed 100k in revenue, ran a debt relief product sales organization for a local attorney, started 2 health supplement compaies from scratch that do over 500k a year (for less than 10k startup).

I'm at the point in my life where happiness means more than money so I decided to do this "tell all group".

Who's this group for:

Successful business owners that want to ramp up their marketing efforts
Struggling business owners that want a steady stream of customers
Entrepreneurs who want the secret tips and tricks to spending $500 and getting a $10k return on investment
People who feel they have what it takes or a business idea they need help getting started.

Who this is not for?
People who are sensitive to constructive criticism
People who don't pay for marketing
Skeptical people
People who aren't ambitious or pessimistic

Why am I doing this and why now?

1.) I want to give back and empower
2.) I want to teach hungry people who have aggressive goals and a student mentality
3.) I am moving my business from service based to coshing and consulting
4.) I need practice and collateral speaking on stage. By January I will be traveling the world as a keynote speaker

What to expect?

Weekly Session with presentations on how to do certain tactics and case studies of successful campaigns.

Getting In:

1.) Sign an NDA to get in. No cost to join.
2.) Fill out a form with a little more about your business, project or idea
3.) Write down the 3 most important things you want to receive from the session about your business/idea/project that you feel will help you take off.
4.) What you want to see me cover in our private session.
3.) What do you fee you are lacking in marketing, sales, business systems, team building, online marketing, lead generation, webdesign, paid traffic, email marketing, and customer value optimization.

I'll be opening the doors to my business, building websites live, showing you my SEO sources, analyzing campaigns,etc.

Fine Print - Full Disclosure - I will be looking for people I can network with, make offers to clients who feel I can help, and presenting opportunities to partner with me.

If you've read this far and it still sounds good

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