What we're about

If your a fan of Racing games like Forza. The F1 2018 race sim from Codemasters. Or, you you play GTA 5 Online, and Like Grinding Your Businesses, and/or Racing in GTA5 Online. This group may be for you.

As far as the skill level Im catering towards.
1. Play with Controller
2. Tends to play with some or all assists.
3. Tends to use the Suggested Best Line Feature that both Forza and F1 Offer.
4. Can consistently keep your car on the track, But dont find yourself competitive with elite players.
5. Tend to use downloaded setups on Forza, and the Preset Setups on F1.

As of now. Just looking to play on XBOX ONE. However, If you wish to join and become an organizer, and attempt to organize events for other console or PC. That is fine with me.

Right now, Im only playing Forza 6, 7, Forza Horizons 4, F1 2018, and NASCAR HEAT 3., I intend to get F1 2019, and several other High End Race Sims, for Console in near future.

Also play Ghost Recon (both) and The Division (both)

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