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Learn how to make games with Sprite Kit and “Flappy Bird”!

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In the spring of 2013, iOS developer Dong Nguyen spent a few nights after work putting together a little game called Flappy Bird. ( This simple, yet maddeningly addictive game caught on like wildfire and was downloaded millions of times. Although Nguyen released the game as a free-of-charge app, it still made $50,000 a day just through advertising (

We’re going to look at what makes Flappy Bird tick in the April 2017 edition of Tampa iOS Meetup. I’ll show you the code behind the game, and you’ll be surprised how little code there is (it’s fewer than 300 lines, or about 4 to 5 screens’ worth of code). Along the way, you’ll learn about Sprite Kit, ( Apple’s 2D game programming library that greatly simplifies the process of making a game. You’ll learn how to:

• Start a SpriteKit project

• Draw graphics on the screen and move them around

• Determine whether graphics on the screen have collided with each other

• Play sound effects and background music in games

This is a hands-on workshop! It works best if you bring a Mac laptop, as you’ll build a simple game as I walk you through the project and explain game programming principles. At the end, I’ll show you where you can download files for the completed game, so you can learn from it and start coding your own!

(Yes, you can still come if you don’t bring a Mac laptop.)

Once again, the fine people at Wolters Kluwer (and their doubly-fine representative, John Wang) are providing us with the space, as well as food and drink. Let’s give them a golf clap for making this meetup possible!