Building a database app with Core Data, part 2!

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Last month, we looked at Core Data and built a very basic database application that let you build, save, and retrieve a set of strings (you can find a polished-up version of what we did on GitHub here:

It’s now time to build a REAL app with Core Data, and that’s what we’re doing this time ’round!

Like most Tampa iOS Meetup sessions, this one’s a “code along with me” exercise, where we all write code together with the goal of making a working app by the end of the session! Tampa iOS is all about learning by doing — as the saying goes. “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand.”

It’s not mandatory, but since we’ll all be coding, you’ll get the most out of the meetup if you bring a Mac laptop with the current version of Xcode installed. You’ll probably also want to bring an iOS device along, although this exercise should run just fine in the Simulator.

Nobody learns well on an empty stomach, so we’ll provide pizza (omnivore and vegetarian), soft drinks, and water, courtesy of my employer, our venue-provider and sponsor: Sourcetoad! (You’re also free to bring your own food if you have specific dietary needs, or if pizza isn’t your thing.)

Join us at Tampa iOS Meetup! You’ll walk out with a working app, a full stomach, and maybe even a new friend or two!