Where am I? Building apps with geolocation

Tampa iOS Meetup
Tampa iOS Meetup
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• What we'll do
By popular demand, we’re going to build a couple an app that harnesses geolocation, or the device’s ability to figure out where it is!

We’ll look at Core Location, which can tell you the device’s geographic location, altitude, orientation, or position relative to a nearby iBeacon.so if this sort of thing is new to you, you’ll want to catch this meetup! We’ll also do some reverse geocoding, which takes a latitude and longitude and tries to match it up with an address (which is how Uber and Lyft drivers know where to pick you up).

• What to bring
This meetup will be a “code along with me” exercise. That means you’ll need to bring a Mac laptop with Xcode 10 installed. You’ll probably also want to bring an iOS device along, although this exercise should run just fine in the Simulator.

• Important to know
Nobody learns well on an empty stomach, so we’ll provide pizza, soft drinks, and water, courtesy of my employer, our venue-provider and sponsor: Sourcetoad!