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Tampa Bay Girl Gang is the sole Girl Gang of Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay Girl Gang provides the supportive environment for you to grow to your next level in an exciting, extraordinary, enjoyable and empowering way. Tampa Bay Girl Gang is for diverse women of all racial, religious, social, political, professional and educational backgrounds.


We take our community standards seriously and aim to provide the best possible experience for all Girl Gang members. Any infractions of these rules will be grounds for possible removal from the community. All Girl Gang members must adhere to and respect the following guidelines:

-- You must between the ages of 18-32 to join.

-- Our Girl Gang members value quality (over quantity), diverse activities and entertainment options, and regularly participate.

-- Every meetup/event is a first. The right time to join us is on any date, at any event.

-- You can totally sit with us and because of so, we ask that all Girl Gang members be kind, respectful, polite and courteous.

-- We are VIF (very important females). We are free to share our advice/opinions, whilst being careful to make sure everyone else gets a chance to share themselves as well.

-- Contribute regularly to our community, this community is for women who make their social life a priority. This works like a two-way street, it goes both ways. You'll flourish the more you attend, so show up, we want to see you friend!

—Do not at any time message member(s) to join an outside group, organization, club or meetup.

—Do not at any time form a similar group, organization, club or meetup using the copyrighted and trademarked name(s)

Tampa Bay Girl Gang

Girl Gang of Tampa Bay

Girl Gang Tampa

Tampa Girl Gang

Bay Tampa Girl Gang

(Sub city) Girl Gang

Failure to do so will result in legal suit or action and your membership being terminated immediately.

-- We do not tolerate pornography, sexual solicitation, fake profiles, or baiting (people pretending to be who they are not).


-- Be mindful of cellphone use, we want to get to know you, let us in

-- Leave all drama, negative attitudes and vibes elsewhere. We don't want that to rub off on us

-- Avoid use of coarse, rough or rude language

-- Avoid blaming or judging others (particularly those sharing their personal experiences) for their issues

-- Avoid personally attacking another Girl Gang member of Tampa Bay Girl Gang

-- Avoid engaging in physical confrontation during a meetup/event

-- Avoid use of any and all illegal drugs/drinks they are prohibited

-- You must be 21 years old or older to drink alcoholic beverages

-- Subgroups are not allowed. We are one team, one crew, the Tampa Bay Girl Gang

-- Leave your romantic partner at home, they'll be fine until you return

-- We love children, however, this community is not for them

-- Avoid promoting anti-feminism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, religious discrimination, ageism, fatphobia, ableism, or any other form of ignorance, discrimination, or hatred toward any group of people

-- Do not at any time block a organizer/host

WE DON'T SPAM -- If we see anyone behaving in an abusive, disrespectful, spammy manner or posting comments that have no relevance to the girl gang community. We do not tolerate pornography, sexual solicitation, fake profiles, or baiting by people pretending to be who they are not.

WE RESPECT EVERYONE'S PRIVACY -- We don't share personal information such as phone numbers or emails with others we don't know. We respect everyone's privacy and do not solicit personal information from others without consent.

WE CLAIM WHAT IS OURS, NOT THE WORK OF OTHERS -- We don't engage in plagiarism or copyright infringement - please give credit when sharing or reposting others' work.

However, while trying our best to implement the above, we do reserve the right to remove any comment or post without prior notice, for reasons, especially to protect the rights of other community members and our services. These are guidelines only and do not place any obligation on us to act a certain way.

Team Girl Gang will remove any solicitations or advertisements of any kind unless posted in the appropriate placing.


We welcome new members every day. If you have girlfriends who'd be interested in joining us and would adhere to our membership guidelines, please invite them to join via Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/TampaBay-GirlGang/ . Membership is FREE

Any and all matters should be brought up to the attention of the organizer. This is not a place for gossiping, slander, or shade. If a Girl Gang member is found to be causing, creating or encouraging disharmony within the group, that member will be asked to refrain from causing conflict by the organizer. At no time should a Girl Gang member position themselves to address another gang member about their temperament. If this said Girl Gang member does not comply immediately with the request when asked by the organizer, the member can, and may be, removed from the group by the organizer.

Any infractions of these rules will be grounds for possible removal from the community. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!


By joining our meetup group you agree to hold the Tampa Bay Girl Gang and it's organizer, DaLa' Daniels, and it's co-organizer(s), Karina Duran free from liability or responsibility what so ever with regard to any negligent or intentional conduct of any third party including but not limited to restaurants, lounges, social venues, tour groups, bus company, travel agency, hotels, cruise lines, air lines, bowling alleys, movie theatres and other meetup venues, etc., resulting in the loss of personal property, physical injury, monetary loss with regard to an event/meetup. In signing up, paying and attending any of our listed events you are in agreement to the above.

If you have any issues, please contact the organizer/co-organizer.



Instagram: http://instagram.com/tampabaygirlgang

Facebook: http://facebook.com/tampabaygirlgang

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girlgangtampa

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tampabay-girlgang/


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