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Join the Fustino Brothers - Russ, Gary & Rich and MADTampa in this informative webcast on the IoT (Internet of Things). Our guest presenter Tim Chaffee will be discussing... ASP.NET Core on an IoT Raspberry Pi (Linux)

.NET Core runs on Windows, macOS, and many UNIX/Linux variants including x86/x64 architectures as well as ARM32/ARM64 but will it run on a Raspberry Pi? What about your favorite libraries? ASP.NET? Json.NET? Identity? Entity Framework? Can you connect to SQL? What about IoT? Join us in this overview to see how all the pieces fit together and you can run your ASP.NET Core website on a Raspberry Pi with your favorite .NET Standard Libraries. Mix in some digital inputs for your IoT directly in ASP.NET. You can even interactively debug the application running on the Pi from Visual Studio. We will walk through setting up your environment and the tools / tricks needed to get your ASP.NET Core website running on a Raspberry Pi and connected to your SQL Server.

About the Guest Speaker - Tim Chaffee, Principal Systems Engineer
Tim Chaffee is an avid technology enthusiast, software engineer, speaker and experienced IT executive who has worked in a variety of industries including Insurance, Accounting, Travel, eCommerce and Transportation where he has spearheaded the adoption of agile engineering and the design/development of modern technology infrastructure and applications architectures. You can find Tim on twitter at @TimChaffee and Github: https://github.com/timchaffee

Register here for webcast: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tps-for-business-and-apps-development-series-iot-tickets-51146961940?janus_fv=exp_eb_86972_related_events_v2%3DA

Meeting link, tune in here: https://goo.gl/hUsGVb