The Goddess Salon-Session 5-The Art of Flirting through “Turning On”

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The Goddess Salon-Session 5
The Art of Flirting through “Turning On”
By now Sister Goddeses, it is hoped that you are turning your attention, more and more, to the experience of pleasure; because it is your birthright, and because your joy has the power to heal the world.
It is hoped that you are making the “Holy Trinity” of Bragging, Gratitude and Desire a DAILY exercise.
Maybe even more important, it is hoped you are taking steps in exploring YOUR SENSUAL JOURNEY and “Turning on” at will.
As you do these things, expect your experience of your life to change because it will.
Its OK if this is new to you, its OK if you are imperfect in the frequency, or the quality, of your brags, gratitudes and desires...that’s why we gather together as Sisters, to help each other get stronger in such practices.
Come prepared to get much more into the practice of Brags, Gratitudes and Desires, and because we are going to explore the world of flirting through the state of “Turn On”, it would be most appreciated if some of your brags, gratitudes and desires were very hot, very fun and contributes to enhancing that “Turned on” state for yourself and the group.
Your assignment for this month’s gathering, if you choose to accept it, is to read Chapter 8 in Thomasauer’s Pussy on Radiant Relationship. And it will be our topic of discussion while we are on our FLIRTING FIELD TRIP.
Please meet at the office, dressed in a way that makes you feel GOOD, where we will share brags, gratitudes and desires, before heading out to The Canopy for some flirting exercise.
Flirting is not about “hooking up” (unless that is what you want). It is about tapping into your joy and pleasure and operating from that feeling when you encounter people.
It does not matter if you are married or pair-bonded, practice the art of the flirting to be a better flirt with your partner the rest of your life! You will both be glad you did.
Stay tuned to communications about further details on the field trip. I am thinking we will NOT bring any snacks to this gathering and perhaps we can consolidate into cars for parking and safety reasons.
Extra credit: Watch the film “Definitely, Maybe”.

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